Texas speaker of the House slurs his speech, struggles to identify colleague during awkward legislative meeting: Video

The Texas House Speaker had difficulty performing his ceremonial duties in recent Congress, raising questions about the possibility of public intoxication and possibly even a serious medical episode.

On Friday night, Republican Speaker Dade Phelan, who represents some parties, said: Jasper County, Jefferson County, Orange County, took to the podium at the State Capitol in Austin, performed his usual duties of maintaining order, recognizing colleagues who wanted to speak, and tapping his gavel at the appropriate time. But that night, Mr. Phelan seemed unwell, repeating the same things, slurring, and even misidentifying a female lawmaker as a male colleague. A clip of the meeting quickly went viral on social media.

mediaite I tried to transcribe the video with the help of online tools, the resulting transcription is as cryptic as the video. Nor does it convey the uncomfortably long silence between the sound of the gavel and Phelan’s attempts to identify him. Congresswoman Victoria Neve CriadDemocrats from Mesquite:

Phelan: Mr. Kumpel, the Senate amendment — the amendment is [inaudible] is the objection to the opposite amendment, [inaudible] Correction — the correction is adopted. (throws out the gavel) The chair recognizes Mr. – Mr. Johnson of Harris? Mr. Johnson of Harris…speaks against the bill.
UNKNOWN: Neve Criad.
Phelan: The Chair allows Ms. Neve Criad to speak against the bill.

As of Monday afternoon, the video had already garnered 1.5 million views on Twitter, with many users asking why it was so difficult for a seemingly healthy 47-year-old man to speak coherently. draws its own conclusions.

Hmmm… can you repeat that for the sober ones in the back? ” writes 1 user. “Hey hey. ”

“Nancy was like that too,” he joked. another, referring to former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California). “It must be the speaker thing.”

But Jonathan Strickland, one of Phelan’s former Republican colleagues in the state legislature, issued an even harsher condemnation of the video. “Anyone who watches #txlege House knows that many of our members get drunk on a regular basis,” he tweeted. Strickland, now identifies as a “recovering politician”. “It is absolutely unacceptable to see Congressmen so wasted. These Congressmen are enacting legislation that affects 30 million Texans. It must stop.”

While most people blamed Phelan’s behavior on alcohol and other types of intoxicants, others expressed concern that a medical problem or even a stroke was to blame. “It looks nervous to me, but I’m not drunk,” claimed the user by that name. happy sandwich.

“Yes, you may have a stroke and not actually be aware of it.” happy sandwich I have commented elsewhere.

Phelan’s Capitol office did not respond to TheBlaze’s request for comment. His district office denied knowledge of the video and directed all questions to the Capitol office.

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