Texas Supreme Court Halts Lower Court Ruling Allowing Pregnant Woman To Get An Abortion

The Texas Supreme Court on Friday blocked a lower court ruling that allowed women to have abortions in violation of state law, according to court documents.

Kate Cox is a 31-year-old woman and mother of two. preliminary injunction For the state of Texas Texas Heartbeat Act The case is against her because the law prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually at 6 o'clock. week.state supreme court Stayed Friday's preliminary injunction is pending consideration of the merits of the lawsuit, according to the order. (Related: Planned Parenthood Preparations to Make Ohio a Haven for Out-of-State Abortion Seekers)

“Regardless of the merits of the case, the court administratively affirms the district court's Dec. 7, 2023 order,” the one-page order reads. “A petition for a writ of mandamus and a motion for temporary relief remain pending in court.”

Temporary Restraining Order in Cox v. Texas by Daily Caller News Foundation On Scribd

Ms Cox, who was 20 weeks pregnant, had requested an abortion due to health complications. according to to the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), which filed the lawsuit on Cox's behalf. According to CRR, Cox's pregnancy had “no chance of survival due to trisomy 18 (a disease that causes multiple structural abnormalities),” adding, “Continuing the pregnancy to term would pose a risk to her health.” and may jeopardize future fertility.”

“Cox has already had two C-sections. If she is forced to continue with the pregnancy, she will likely need a third and has multiple serious medical conditions, including a ruptured uterus and a hysterectomy.” “The risk will be higher,” the CRR said. “She and her husband want to have more children, and having another C-section to deliver this pregnancy will reduce their chances of safely having more children in the future.”

In the preliminary injunction, Maya Guerra Gamble, Democratic Presiding Judge of the Travis County District Court, elected Ms. Cox's “life, health, and fertility are currently in serious jeopardy, and an immediate dilation and evacuation (“D&E”) abortion is required…The longer Ms. Cox's pregnancy continues, the more her The risk to life increases. ”

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is named as a defendant in the case. press release On Thursday, it warned doctors that they risk both “civil and criminal liability” if they perform abortions, including fines of up to $100,000 and first-degree felony prosecution.his office too sent a letter It warned the Houston-area hospital where Carson works that it would face such penalties if abortions were performed on its premises.

The Texas Supreme Court is currently considering another case. Zulawski vs. State of Texas, regarding the scope of medical emergency exceptions to state abortion bans.This lawsuit was then filed in court Oral argument Judgment was handed down on November 28th, and sentencing is pending.

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