Texas Teenager Born in Jail Will Attend Harvard University

The Texas, Conroe High School alumnus has made her community members and her loved ones proud through her humble beginnings.

Eighteen-year-old Sky Kastner was born in Galveston County Jail while his mother was incarcerated. montgomery county delivery man report Thursday.

Her father then picked her up and took her home to raise her on her own. Years later, this young woman graduated third in her class, and in a few months she will be attending Harvard University to study law.

It was Skye’s long-time dream to become a student there. Throughout her teaching career, “There was satisfaction in getting all the As’s and achieving the results. The grades meant so much to me,” she explained.

Her mentor, Mona Hamby, overcame many firsts with her over the years, and other community leaders helped the girl, including attending summer camps.

“Everything Mona taught me was invaluable, just as everything I went through before Mona was invaluable,” Kasner said. I was.

The two were linked by the fact that they both grew up without mothers. Kasner only spoke to her mother once, when she was a teenager.

Despite life’s challenges, she pushes forward to achieve her goals, accepted to Harvard in December.

Congratulations to Sky Kastner! She passed today and plans to enter Harvard in the fall.

Contributor Academy for Science and Health, Conroe ISD upon Friday, December 16, 2022

Conroe Noon Lions Club president Werner Phelps said members have known her since she was a child. In 2022, she won a drug awareness speech contest sponsored by the organization to speak about the fentanyl crisis plaguing the country.

She was given a $2,000 scholarship, which Ms. Phelps said “she won.”

Social media users were quick to share their joy at the young woman’s education plan. to call It’s “inspirational”.

“Texas Girl’s inspiring journey reminds us that resilience knows no bounds. Congratulations on your incredible accomplishments!” commented.

Castner’s long involvement with Conroe High School’s Academy of Health Sciences Professionals has encouraged her to work hard toward her dreams.

Harvard University is Founded The website describes it as “the first university in the American colonies.”

Harvard University campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts on March 23, 2020. (Maddy Mayer/Getty Images)

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