Texas toddler helps to feed family dogs, asks them to ‘say grace’ before releasing them with ‘Amen’

Saying “grace” before eating is a common practice among many religious families, but is usually limited to humans only.

A family in Texas taught their three large dogs to “say grace” before eating. The toddler now thinks it's his responsibility.

Alora Brim, a 3-year-old from Round Rock, Texas, is the star of the show with her mother Katie Brim's social media videos, which have received more than 1.1 million likes on Instagram.

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In the video, Alora Brim, the youngest of four children, can be seen walking to the back door of her home with three bowls of dog food and running outside to meet her three eager dogs.

She then tells the dogs, “Say Grace,” at which point all three dogs lie down.

The girls then place each animal's bowl in front of them, clap their hands, say “Amen,” and begin feeding the dogs. (See the video at the top of this article.)

Alora Brim likes to feed her family's dog “Say Grace” every day before meals. (See the video at the top of this article.) (Katie Brim)

Katie Brim's husband, Freddie Brim, told Fox News Digital in an interview this week that he came up with the idea to train his three dogs this way.

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“I've seen sketches of dogs that actually cover their noses to show elegance,” he said.

“I wanted them to wait to eat and then be released and eat. It's kind of a way to establish control by making them wait and we give them permission to eat.”

Alora says

Freddie Brim said her daughter Alora is now obsessed with household chores and has even taken on feeding the dogs as her own chore. (Katie Brim)

The family's three dogs, Maverick, Rosie and Ash, embraced the routine when toddler Alora Brim asked to join in on the tradition.

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“She wants to help with all the household chores,” Freddie Brim said.

“So she was helping carry food and started imitating me.”

Alola and dogs

Katie Brim said little Alora Brim loved her family's dogs and they were her whole world. (Katie Brim)

Freddie Brim said it took him a minute to understand what he and his wife were saying, but he soon realized she was saying “Grace.”

“Well, she's not allowed to feed the dog because it's her hobby,” he joked.

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Although the parents said they were not particularly religious, they were spiritual people and had become more inclined to do so, especially in recent years.

Tsuba tribe

Pictured are the Brim family (from left to right): father Freddie Brim, son Tyler, mother Katie, daughter Kenley, daughter Arora, and daughter Kayla. (Katie Brim)

Katie Brim, whose youngest son Tristan died from SIDS in August 2022 at the age of three months, said the event had “changed his life” and made him “see the world in a completely different way”.


She said, “It's important to me to be present and appreciate even the little things, like having a dog that my kids love.”

Dogs eat after saying

Three-year-old Alora Brim helps feed her dog every day, saying “Amen” and saying “Say Grace” before feeding. (Katie Brim)

Freddie Brim said Alora has a strong bond with the dogs and wants her to feel a sense of accomplishment every time she feeds them.

The father also noted that the family was very careful and never allowed Alora Brim to feed the dog without parental supervision.

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