Thanks to Fauci & Co, the US now has to worry about measles outbreaks

Washington, D.C., health officials are sounding sirens about potential measles infections at two local airports. And thanks to years of chronic fraud and mismanagement by public health “experts” on the coronavirus, this is now something the country actually has to worry about. .


This is because the measles vaccination rate for children has decreased dramatically.

In the 2021-2022 school year, only 93% of kindergarteners received the MMR vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that vaccine waivers are the highest ever.

If you think that the same government agencies endlessly flipping and outright lying about COVID-19, vaccines, masks, and social distancing is not the main cause of this, then here's the bridge we want to sell you: there is.

Masking for toddlers.

Vaccine recipients are required to quarantine even if they are infected with the new coronavirus.

School reopenings have been slow since evidence has long shown that children are not at real risk from the virus and that schools are not significant vectors of transmission.

The list is endless.

And that's not to mention the fact that other federal agencies were doing similar nonsense.

Remember the FDA's disastrous “suspension” of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

What I sent was all The vaccination rate for the new coronavirus has plummeted from its peak in April 2021.

And this leads to elites shouting that anyone who doesn't take another vaccine (which can have very small but real harmful side effects), even if they've already had it, is equivalent to a modern-day Nazi. It was the same as screaming.Good immunity against what you already have had COVID.

And the cries continued even after it became clear that the vaccine largely prevents severe illness and death. but Doing nothing to meaningfully stop transmission or infection.

And then there's Anthony Fauci, aka Mr. Corona.

He recently revealed how out of touch he is with reality, testifying before Congress that he believes the jury is still out on learning loss.

But, according to his testimony, the “policies and mandates” he promoted “unfortunately have the potential to increase vaccine hesitancy for years to come.”

As a result, trust is created for the following: all Vaccines are seriously damaged.

No wonder, our soi disant The pundits have completely burned their own credibility with the panicked and confused belief that what the country needs is people at the top handing out a ton of orders.

This has influenced an already strong subculture of vaccine-hating loons like RFK Jr. And Jenny McCarthy.

And measles is poised for a resurgence, as small declines in vaccination rates can have a big impact on the spread of the disease.

But our experts still seem far more interested in getting people to wear masks than they are in restoring damaged trust. Witness New York State's recent mask mandate in public hospitals and similar efforts across the country.

But until Fauci and other medical and scientific authorities accept responsibility for their dishonesty and failures, public trust will continue to erode and new outbreaks of diseases we thought we had conquered will continue to grow. There may be a risk of continuing to do so.