The Apocalypse: Alex Jones And Tucker Carlson-Style

Have you been losing sleep since Thursday's interview with Daily Caller co-founders Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones? Me too.

Before it all started, I said to my family: “I really hope this fails.” Tucker Carlson interviewing Alex Jones was definitely not on my 2023 bingo card. And in my gut I knew that this would justify every fear I had about Mako society and the end of society since I was a child.

So this is Apocalypse According to Alex Jones (And those of you who have known these truths in your hearts for far longer than the last 12 hours):

divide us and weed each other out

People always call me crazy when I say things like “BLM is a scam aimed at getting people to participate as 'others' in a race war,'' but that's because Jones is a macro-social It was the kind of atmosphere we projected when discussing decline. Jones points to examples such as Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari's World Economic Forum rhetoric to encourage heterogeneity and hatred among non-elite wealthy people, and how things can become violent. It painted a horrifying picture of whether there is a gender.

And it's not even the worst sociological nightmare. Jones takes a deep dive into the open borders crisis and the mass migration of Chinese military-age men and known terrorist groups to the United States.His central prediction? Mass casualties similar to those seen in Gaza on October 7 will occur here in the United States. (Related: 'Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons?': Lawyer asks Alex Jones about pedophilia. As expected)

And for those who are rolling their eyes thinking Jones is full of hyperbole, he was the only person to accurately predict the events of 9/11. And just like in 2001, the facts are on his side.

they are after your property

Single-family homes are no longer part of our future, Jones told Carlson. Already, three large globalist organizations are destroying America's ability to buy real estate by buying up everything they can get their hands on and driving up prices beyond the reach of ordinary people. why? Because without your home, you have nothing at all.

The 15-minute city is a dream dystopia for the globalist elite. And don't think running away to the countryside will help. Before long, warlords that destroy society will come to us, who already live in harmony with the land.

Before this happens, the manipulated public will see us rural people as backwards white supremacists who wish everyone else dead. So let me just say this now. None of this is true. We may be country bumpkins, but we just want to be left alone and live as God created us, in peace and unity with our natural environment.

Weaponizing services

Can you live without electricity? What would you do if you couldn't buy food at the supermarket? And would they be willing to become transhumans, be microchipped, for example, in order to access state-owned food, medicine, and everything else? (Related: 'Massage holes with tongue': Alex Jones gets into argument with judge)

If the answer is no, then it's a lost cause for now. According to Jones (and according to our own research), microchip development is progressing. The globalists also want us humans and our vehicles to require cell phones and GPS tracking devices so we can always know what we're up to. Eventually cars will also be banned.

Death of Trump and Biden

One of Jones' most dire predictions was that neither President Joe Biden nor former President Donald Trump would survive the 2024 presidential election. Both will either be assassinated, die a “natural death,” or retreat for some reason. In Mr. Trump's case, Mr. Jones suggested, it would probably be an assassination.

But who will replace the two potential candidates in 2024? (Related: Thank you, Gavin Newsom, for saving my life)

In an interview earlier this week, I tried to argue that the debate between Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom was a sign of what could happen by November 2024. The comment was cut “in the interest of time.” Now I think it was cut because it was the right thing to do. We may have been shown a test case for his actual 2024 candidacy…

Now what should we do? !

From what you, my readers, my friends, my family, have told me over the past 12 hours, you knew somewhere in your subconscious that what Jones described was probably happening. mass control. Genocide by culling all demographics. transhumanism. The end of freedom as we know it and as God created it.

The fact that Jones came to Carlson with a receipt is truly one of the scariest parts of this interview. Not only does he have a track record of accurately predicting the future, but now we can all read the same stuff he's been researching.

It's not the ending we wanted, but it's the ending we might have to face. Or can you always eat the rich?



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