The Best Memes Inspired By Tucker Carlson’s New Twitter Show

We already knew that Daily Caller co-founder and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was going big with his new Twitter show.

First episode is 10 and a half minutes monologue The video was posted on Tuesday night and has amassed 100 million views in just two days. The second episode premiered at 6 p.m. Thursday, and was viewed more than two million times in less than an hour.

But in addition to amassing massive numbers, Tucker’s new Twitter monologue also has an impact on the larger zeitgeist. And how do you know what’s going on in the zeitgeist? It’s easy. Look at the meme (Related: Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show hits 100 million views)

New meme format based on Tucker’s post-Fox project appears to be the brainchild of Twitter users @MogTheUrbanite. On Thursday morning, he shared a screenshot of Tucker’s first episode and a fake transcript that perfectly mimicked both the ratings giant’s cadence and his skeptical attitude towards conventional wisdom.

“Of course, if the Giants are real, our scientific institutions will tell us? After all, we’re paying these people millions of dollars for archaeological research. It’s their work,” wrote @MogTheUrbanite. “Well, that’s where it gets interesting. Our producer reached out to the Smithsonian Institution…” (Related: He’s Back: How ‘Tucker on Twitter’ Shapes the Republican Primary)

It was the perfect meme. It’s fun, easy to understand, and infinitely adaptable. The creator of the format encouraged other his Twitter users to share their versions, and from there it spread like wildfire in Canada.

user @Antweegonus Photoshopped Tucker’s head into a horned helmet and wrote a commentary from the world of the hit role-playing video game Skyrim.

@MrPrudentialist had Tucker investigate the divinity of Jesus Christ.

This meme has a “Star Wars” twist. @Aristos_Revenge:

Twitter user Based on Frank Herbert’s “Dune” lore, @punishednrx gave Tucker glowing blue eyes and moisture-blocking nostrils.

This is just a sampler, and we’re sure we’ll see more of these memes as Tucker continues to release shocking new episodes. Just type ‘producer contacted’ into the Twitter search bar and scroll to your heart’s content.

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