The Challenge’ Winner Still Hasn’t Been Paid $4.56M

Netflix winner Squid Game: The Challenge Ten months after filming, the $4.56 million prize money still hasn't been paid out.

***Spoiler alert***

Winners of Netflix prizes totaling $4.56 million Squid Game: The Challengemy wheelan Said The Times reported that even though filming was completed 10 months ago, she is still waiting for her funds to be recouped and has not received a penny of her winnings.

“I feel like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire,” said Whelan, a 55-year-old woman who fled Vietnam as a girl during the communist regime. Show me the money! “

It remains unclear why Whelan did not receive the cash from Netflix, which aired the final episode. Squid Game: The Challenge on wednesday.

Fans of the series were interested to see whether Whelan would share the prize money with other contestants, such as the show's runner-up Phil Cain, but he was reportedly signed before the game show. Players they contacted were prohibited from sharing their winnings.

Whelan celebrated her win ahead of the Netflix finale event by purchasing several items that would give her buyer's remorse, including a new hairstyle, Jimmy Choo shoes and a Ralph Lauren dress, she told the Times. Told.

She added that once she gets the $4.56 million, she plans to buy a nursing home and donate it to causes she cares about, such as the environment.

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