The Golden Globes TV Ratings Are In. It’s A Bloodbath

The 80th annual Golden Globe Awards were presented on Jan. 10, and the ratings reveal it’s time to retire the whole show.

There seems to be no point in airing any awards shows anymore, since the ratings demonstrate what most of us already knew — nobody is even watching. The Golden Globes slid to their second-smallest audience in its 28-year run on NBC, dropping to a dismal 6.25 million viewers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The 2021 ratings were also horrible, at 6.91 million, but this broadcast demonstrated that things could always get worse.

The Golden Globes ceremony didn’t even happen in 2022. There was too much controversy swirling around the Hollywood Foreign Press Association so NBC dipped out to dodge further humiliation, opting to run a remote production instead.

This year’s show seemed far longer than it needed to be, with viewers taking to social media to share their feelings of boredom as they continued to subject themselves to the torture for reasons that were likely unclear even to themselves.

The 2023 broadcast felt painful in every way, and just barely beat out the ratings for the 2008 awards, when the HFPA skipped the lavish gala and aired a press conference announcing the winners, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The 2008 press conference attracted just 6 million viewers and marked the Golden Globes’ all-time viewership low on NBC.

Tuesday’s show delivered a 1.1 rating in the key ad demographic of adults 18-49, a 28% slip from 1.52 two years ago, according to the Reporter. (RELATED: Eddie Murphy Dragged Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Right Into The Golden Globes)

The most dramatic drop in ratings was from 18 million in 2020 to just 6.9 million in 2021, making last night’s gala attendance absolutely dismal, according to Showbiz. The speeches ran too long, and many celebrities opted out of attending due to ongoing controversy swirling around the HFPA.

The host of the show, Jerrod Carmichael, even roasted the Hollywood Foreign Press in his monologue by bringing up the association’s alleged racism.

The show was doomed to fail, and in that respect, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

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