The liberal media just took Donald Trump’s bait

On “Jesse Watters Prime Time,” FOX News host Jesse Watters examines the “new hoax” being promoted by Democrats involving former President Donald Trump.

Hannity kicks off Trump town hall with topics including Russia, Biden, ‘dictatorship’ and more

Jesse Waters: They are trying to convince us that Trump will destroy democracy, but no one knows what that means.So they settled on a new hoax and it’s a good one and you’ll hear more of it Russian collusion For a while. So please brace yourself. Even if Trump wins, he will never leave the White House. Trump will become a dictator and there will never be another election until he dies. And Don Jr. becomes president. Sorry, Eric.

So last night at Town Hall, of course Hannity had to ask him about that.

Sean Hannity: Will you promise America tonight that you will not abuse your power in retaliation against anyone?

Donald Trump: Other than the first day? You know, he’s going crazy. Except for the first day.

Sean Hannity: meaning?

Donald Trump: I want to close the boundaries and drill, drill, drill.

It’s a dictatorship for one day, folks. He will just sit back and sign executive orders like Biden. Remember? On the first day, they handed Biden a pen and he signed a multibillion executive order. He has no idea what’s inside.Remember, he opens borders, and he destroys the keystone pipeline First day. So Trump is going to do the opposite. He’s going to close the borders and drill from day one. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s making fun of the press and they just took the bait.

That’s why Democrats applaud the man who arrests protesters, fires them for not getting vaccinated, tells them what cars they drive, censors them, and takes away their guns. Understood. And does anyone think Trump is organized enough to be a dictator? He never mobilized the National Guard to stop the riots. He never locked up Hillary. We let all the governors do what they want during COVID-19, and dictators even play golf? But what the Democrats are doing is evil.

When you label a politician a dictator, you’re winking and paying homage to the man who showed up in Antifa and anti-fascism. Kavanaugh’s home is armed and dangerous. But Trump is going to have a lot of fun with this dictator hoax. Watch as he begins to wear the crown. This is like a clever way of calling you a deplorable, dirty little dictator lover. Hillary needs to do a lot of deprogramming, but like all hoaxes, this will backfire.




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