The Pope SLAMS surrogacy and gender ideology

The Vatican recently released a declaration entitled “Dignitas Infinitia” condemning gender theory, surrogacy and “gender-affirming” surgery.

Although the pope is not as Biblical or conservative as past popes, Allie Beth Stuckey is “excited to see this.”

“The Church recalls that human life is a gift from God in all its aspects, both material and spiritual.Apart from the fundamental truth that human life is a gift, gender theory “The desire for individual self-determination as defined by the law is tantamount to a concession to the age-old temptation to make oneself a god,” the declaration reads.

“That’s true,” Stuckey said, adding: But when God is the Self and these things come first, autonomy justifies doing whatever you want in the name of controlling your life. ”

The declaration further explains that gender theory denies “sex difference,” which is “the greatest difference that can exist between living organisms.”

“In the couple of a man and a woman, this difference makes possible the most wonderful interaction. It is thus the source of a miracle that never ceases to amaze us: the arrival of a new humanity into the world.” Pope Francis writes.

Francis also called on the public to “defend our humanity” by “accepting humanity and respecting it as it was created,” and went on to condemn “sex reassignment” surgeries.

The Pope also called surrogacy “deplorable,” calling it a “grave violation of the dignity of women and children.”

“Children are always gifts and never the basis of commercial contracts,” he wrote, adding that he hoped the world would “universally ban this practice.”

Stuckey completely agrees.

“You don’t have the right to have a child, and you don’t have the right to have a child. A child is not an object that you are entitled to. It is a gift,” she says.

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