The Ravens fumbled a QB sneak on the goal line, and the Bengals took it back for a TD

no one gave Baltimore Ravens many chances against Cincinnati Bengals When star quarterback Lamar Jackson was ruled out due to injury in the Super Wild Card Weekend Game of the 2023 NFL Playoffs. However, early in the fourth quarter, the Ravens and Bengals were tied, with Baltimore backing up backup QB Tyler, who was behind Huntley’s exciting play.

Just when Huntley appeared to be playing the game of his life in the biggest game of his career, he made a costly mistake that turned into a massive 14-point swing.

At third and goal, the Ravens called a QB sneak. Huntley attempted to cross the goal line with a football over Pyle, but the Bengals defense thrashed it out. Cincinnati lineman Sam Hubbard caught the ball and he rumbled it 98 yards for a touchdown.

The Bengals won the game 24–17 as this play was the game-deciding touchdown. Watch the video of the play here:

This is very heartbreaking for Baltimore. They were on the doorstep scoring touchdowns and leading in a playoff game nobody gave them a chance to win. It was the longest fumble return.

Huntley was basically half a yard away from scoring.

This is a truly incredible play by Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson, who forced a fumble just before Huntley crossed the plane for a touchdown. Hubbard is also credited with his quick hands to corral the ball and his hustle to get it into the end zone.

Hubbard immediately needed oxygen after sprinting for nearly 100 yards to score.

After the play, the Bengals’ winning percentage skyrocketed.

The rest of the NFL playoffs may not see a game-changing play.

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