‘The Rotted Corpse’ of GOP Is on an ‘Eight-Year March Toward Fascism’

MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough said Friday on his show “Morning Joe” that he believed the “rotten corpse” of the Republican Party had been on an “eight-year march to fascism.”

“Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said he likes Donald Trump and will pardon some of the rioters at the Capitol on Jan. 6,” Scarborough said. .

He added, “About 400 rioters have already been sentenced for the violent and despicable acts they committed on January 6 – anti-American and treasonous – for that riot and police assault. 200 incarcerated Do you support Blue? Not quite Far from it For Donald Trump and his mob they were beaten to the ground by the police Yes they will overthrow American democracy I was planning something, and I call it a riot.”

He added, “Mr Trump and Mr DeSantis are applauding the rioters you are all watching. They applaud the agitators, they applaud the prisoners. They are very clear to others and very I send a big message: as our military storms government buildings and destroys American democracy, the Stars and Stripes cops who have proudly marched into battle for more than two centuries will go all out. They try to overthrow the federal government while bashing it, but that’s okay.”

Scarborough concluded: “Let me tell you, the rotting corpses of what were once Republicans continue to lurch forward like zombies. Even if it takes you to a chasm, you’ll follow it: it’s hardly fascism, it doesn’t look like fascism at all, it’s fascism itself.”

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