The Satanic Temple Set Up A Display Within The Iowa Capitol Claiming They Want Representation In A ‘Public Forum’

The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic religious group, has set up an altar inside the Iowa State Capitol and said it wants to be “represented” in the “public square.”

The public display of the altar, posted on social media, features a silver ram's head placed on the torso of a mannequin wearing a red cloak, and is lit with flowers and candles. According to KKCI Des Moines, co-founder Lucien Greaves said the group “really” enjoys the opportunity to display publicly, and if they don't like it, they can look away. (Related: Satanic Temple hosts 'Let Us Burn' event at state capitol to promote 'religious freedom')

“I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to represent him publicly,” Greaves said, according to the report. KCCI Des Moines. “There's not a church on every street corner.”

“My sense is that if people don't like our displays in public, we don't need to be involved. They don't need to see them.”

Rep. John Dunwell, R-Iowa, commented on the exhibit, saying that as a “follower of Christ” he finds the altar “offensive,” but as a state representative “I don't want the state to evaluate and make decisions about religion.” Stated.

Not everyone agrees with his stance on building an altar with Mr Greaves. Shelley Flockhart of Dallas Center said she was shocked to see the exhibit inside the Capitol, according to KCCI. Flockhart organized a prayer group against the altar on Wednesday and said she wants people to “understand that spiritual warfare is real.” (Related: 'I Am My Own God': The Satanic Temple Ritualizes Drag Show)

“This is a very dark and evil force and I really hope people know how to fight it,” Flockhart said, according to KCCI. “I hope people understand that spiritual warfare is real. There are evil demonic forces trying to invade our country.”



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