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The Vikings are who we thought they were

The Minnesota Vikings entered the playoffs as the No. 3 seed in the NFC, and with a 13-4 record, they entered the playoffs as owners of the third best record in football. Still, it received about the same amount of hype as a team led by Kirk Cousins ​​is expected to receive.

It’s not hard to see why there was more talk of the Vikings being a scam than of being a legitimate Super Bowl favorite. They entered the tournament that year with a negative scoring margin (-3), but ranked midway in the pack with expected points added in both offense (16th) and defense (16th).

A Viking deep run seemed improbable, and almost everyone but the Nation of 10,000 Lakes agreed with it. The Vikings lost to the New York Giants in the playoff opener with the final score he was 31-24.

Legendary Vikings (and then Cardinals) head coach Dennis Green said:

They are who we thought they were!

Playing the most opportunistic football in recent memory, the Vikings won 13 games in the regular season.

You will remember making the biggest comeback in league history by overcoming a 33-0 halftime deficit against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 15. That game ended in a 3-point favor in Minnesota’s favor, so he was one of the 11 one-score wins the team celebrated this season.

Going 11-0 in a game like that was unheard of. Nor was it sustainable. What the Vikings found in the first round of the playoffs.

The Vikings, who are hosting the 9-7-1 Giants at US Bank Stadium, were in another hotly contested game. Despite trailing by 10 points in the second and third quarters, they were tied at 24 points in the fourth quarter. They quickly fell behind 31-24, but with 7:47 on the clock, they had plenty of time to do what they did in every close match this season: find a way to win. .

But this time, Minnesota had bad luck.

The Vikings responded to the Giants’ fourth-quarter TD with a three-and-out. Their defense then ended up draining New York over three minutes off the game clock.

But the 2022 Minnesota Vikings have been given another unexpected chance. First, Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton dropped an easy third-down pass that could have iced the game in favor of the team. After receiving the ensuing punt, the Vikings profited from a highly questionable passer call ruff.

but instead of old “Ah, I’ll be back!” The Vikings received a dose of reality. Their record was bolstered by beating the odds again and again. Ultimately, the odds were slapped at the most disappointing moment.

Minnesota drove to their own 48-yard line, but back-to-back plays within the two-minute caution sealed their fate. The first was Cousins, who threw behind KJ Osborne on 3 and 8. The second was this:

“You think you have a chance on that third and eighth call. Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell said after the game..

“Then on that 4th down, just trying to get some qualifiers vertical, the ball went down the bottom like it’s done so many times.” It was down, they could have played, but the intention was to push the ball down the field and still have a chance of winning the football game.”

On that fourth down, the ball was pushed just three yards down the field. That wasn’t enough to convert in the 4th and 8th, ending the Vikings’ streak in games, seasons, and one-score games.

That streak is what got them to that point in the first place. But in the end, their own mediocrity defeated them.

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