The Weird Ways Brits Are Prepping For Energy Shortages

As fears of mandatory blackouts plague the United Kingdom’s National Grid, Brits are prepping in some pretty weird ways.

Reports from the BBC suggest that Brits are stocking up on blankets and air fryers in an attempt to reduce energy consumption as winter returns to the archipelago. Other energy-efficient appliances and are also selling in high volumes, such as air dryers and more, alongside warm clothing, the British Retail Consortium reported.

“A difficult winter looms for both retailers and consumers,” BRC’s chief executive Helen Dickinson OBE said in a statement shared on the site. “Costs are increasing throughout retailers’ supply chain, the pound remains weak, interest rates are rising, and a tight [labor] market is pushing up the cost of hiring. All of this is making it harder for retailers to reduce prices and help struggling households.”

Prepping for winter with just extra blankets might not make sense to some, but for Brits, who’ve existed in a reverse “Game of Thrones” scenario for some years (wherein they’re constantly waiting for summer) reducing energy bills by bundling up is a smart and cost-effective practice. The Welsh even have a word for prolonged period of cuddling for warmth and comfort: “cwtch” or “cwtsh.”

While many were thrilled with the brief heatwave this summer, the extreme weather event only placed further strained the National Grid. People in Europe and the UK were already choosing between eating and heating as the continent is plunged back into the darkness of winter. Now, they are now facing potential mandatory blackouts to ensure they can afford to keep the lights on. This is where the mass purchasing of air fryers loses me. (RELATED: Aaron Rodgers Wants To Get To London Early So He Can Drink Beer, Experience The Culture)

As an air fryer owner myself, I know how useful they can be, but they’re far from energy efficient and can be quite costly to run. They also don’t work if the power is out, so why aren’t Brits stocking up on butane canisters and camping stoves that work in all weather? Just be sure to keep them away from your blankets.

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