There’s Only One Way Hollywood Can Save Its Streaming Services

Hollywood streaming services other than Netflix have become black holes sucking billions of dollars in cash.

The problem, at least as the industry sees it, is customer churn. People don’t cancel streaming services because of cost. I don’t watch it at all, so I’m canceling it. Here’s how churn works… canceling Disney+ and jumping to another streaming service like Paramount+ because there’s nothing left of interest for them. Once you’ve watched everything you’re interested in on Paramount+, move on to Peacock or Hulu.

And it goes on and on.

Blaming “churn” is short-sighted, but “short-sighted” is what you’d expect from an industry waking up and screwing up a Golden Goose franchise just to please a mass of fetishists. .

The problem is not churn, fool.

The problem is content.

If you want to keep your streaming subscribers, you need to provide engaging content non-stop.

Of course.

No wonder!

Why do you think tens of millions of households are paying $150 a month for cable TV?


Unlimited content.

My father is a good example of that. He hates cable TV. He hates the $225 monthly bill. He hates 20 minutes of commercials per his hour. He hates all things gay. But guess what? He still pays him $225 a month. Want to know why? content.

He’s already retired, has enjoyed a dozen shows in the harsh Wisconsin winters, and it keeps him hooked. He records his show every week on his DVR, which allows him to binge-watch ads and gay-related content. Every month he pays that his $225.

Every time he complains about cable bills, I give Roku the following suggestions: Spend $50 per Roku player. You’ve already paid for your Internet bill, so you’re ready to go. Plus, Roku gives you access to thousands of TV shows and movies, all for free. The $50 charge is a one-time charge and there are no further payments.

His reaction is always the same. Yes, but it’s all reruns. I can’t watch my own program.

So he pays and continues to squander my inheritance…



If Disney and others want to stop customer churn, the only solution is this…

cable television is doomed. It doesn’t change anything. So, rather than waiting for cable TV to end while your streaming service ends, why not move your cable TV content over to your streaming service? Old shows on cable TV, new shows, reality shows, scripted shows…it’s all going to stream. And just like cable TV, it drops one episode every week. Yes, some broadcasters are already doing this, but they won’t do this… Please stop airing these shows on cable TV. Please use cable TV for reruns. Law and Order, CSI, NCISetc. are streams only.

Cable TV is a thing of the past. Streaming is the future. You can save either cable or streaming, so why should you watch them both disappear?

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