This woman lives rent-free in a backyard shed

For Aniah Warne, a home away from home is literally a home away from home.

That’s because the 21-year-old lives in a shack in her parents’ garden in Boise, Idaho.

Warne is a cozy setup with a spacious bedroom, closet, and mini-fridge that has been trending on TikTok, but no bathroom or kitchen.

To get these amenities, she must go through the family’s lush gardens to the main house.

“What about bathrooms and kitchens?” Waan said. follow up video At first viral tour After the clip garnered 1.5 million views, she responded to one of her many viewers’ questions by saying, “Well, I walked 10 feet inside and there was a bathroom right there when I walked in.” and there is a kitchen.”

But beyond those two essentials, her tiny outbuilding is more or less fully equipped. In addition to the bed, there is a desk, a TV, a “cute little chair”, lots of plants and shelves, a mini-fridge, a mirror and a nightstand “with the essentials”.

There are also two entrances, as there are both side doors that Warne normally uses and walls that open to let fresh air and sunlight into her space.

Not only the kitchen and bathing facilities, but also the entire wall was often exposed to the elements, and viewers were fascinated by whether insects were a big problem.

Warne has two hut entrances. The side door and this wall will open.

Ania Warne Boise Shed
Inside Warn’s hut.

Ania Warne Boise Shed
For the kitchen and bathroom, she stepped into the main house.

“Bugs aren’t bad,” Warne replied. “Especially when the door is closed.”

Anyway, she grew up in nature, so she’s used to it.

“I actually lived in the mountains since I was a kid, and I lived on 24 acres, so I had that experience. Now I work in the mountains, and this is my backyard,” she said. Told. yet another video.

As for temperature control, her hut is fully air-conditioned.

“I love rent-free shacks,” Warne wrote in the video’s caption.

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