Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy express ‘disappointment’ amid TGL postponement

Less than a week after TGL’s SoFi Center collapsed due to construction defects, the new league announced it would begin operations in 2025 instead of 2024.

As such, TGL co-founders Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy expressed their disappointment at the news.

“The postponement brings with it a mix of disappointment and excitement,” McIlroy said. statement on monday.

“Above all, we are fortunate that no one was injured. We are looking forward to the start of TGL. Given the circumstances, the postponement is disappointing, but it will allow us to regroup, refocus and come back stronger.” You will be able to come back.”

TGL’s first season was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 9th on ESPN, the day after College Football’s National Championship Game.

However, TGL, in conjunction with the PGA Tour and ESPN, has decided to postpone the event for an entire calendar year for several reasons.

TGL, SoFi Center

First, the new indoor golf league wants to accommodate players’ schedules. They didn’t want to launch it during a major championship season, when professional golfers spend most of their time concentrating on the game.

TGL was scheduled to finish its first season before the Masters in April.

Second, ESPN wanted to offer additional programming in the first quarter to supplement its current regular season broadcasts of NBA, NHL, and college basketball. After all, this league is made for television.

But ESPN must prioritize its efforts to broadcast the NBA and NHL playoffs once they begin in mid-April. These two league playoff broadcasts will bring in higher ratings and, in turn, increase revenue for the network.

In addition, ESPN will broadcast coverage of the first and second rounds of the Masters and PGA Championship. Therefore, networks should focus on airing promotions and filling the commercial slots for his first two majors of the year.

Therefore, if it starts in the spring, TGL will not appear on the weekly calendar.

And finally, more time is needed to assess the damage to the SoFi Center, and the additional 12 months will give everyone involved enough time to ensure that no further incidents occur. .

But even with all these conditions in mind, Woods still believes in TGL’s future.

“I’ve always believed in TGL, and as it has gained momentum over the past year, I’m even more excited about what this will mean for gaming fans around the world,” Woods said in a statement. Ta.

“While the events of the past week will force us to adjust our timelines, I am confident that this concept will be realized by our wonderful and dedicated players.”

Jack Mirko is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. You can follow him on Twitter @jack_milko Cover more golf.Be sure to check it out @_PlayingThrough Too.