Tigers that escaped after possible tornado recaptured in Georgia

Troop County, Georgia (WRBL) — Two tigers that “temporarily escaped” after a possible tornado in southwest Georgia have been recaptured, Pine Mountain Safaris said Sunday.

“Tigers are safe!” Safari wrote on Facebook that the facility was damaged in a severe storm. “Fortunately, no animals or employees were injured. However, several animal enclosures were breached and two tigers briefly escaped.”

Pine Mountain Safaris said the tiger was calmed and returned to its safe enclosure.

The tornado reportedly landed in Troop County, Georgia, near the border with Alabama early Sunday morning, according to the Georgia Mutual Aid Group. Affected areas included the county seat of LaGrange, about 67 miles southwest of Atlanta.

The National Weather Service will examine the damage to see if the storm was actually a tornado.

The suspected tornado was just one example of severe weather in the south over the weekend. At least 25 people were killed and dozens injured in Mississippi. A huge storm hit several towns On that one hour drive. A man has died after his mobile home flipped over several times in Alabama.

After hundreds of people were displaced, search and recovery crews resumed their arduous task of digging up the rubble of collapsed and battered homes, commercial buildings and city halls. Sunday in more severe weather — Includes potential high winds, severe hail and tornadoes in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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