Tim McGraw Falls Off Stage In Arizona. What Fans Did Right After Should Give You Hope For The Future

Tim McGraw fell off the stage during his concert in Tempe, Arizona, Saturday. His fans response will surely restore everyone’s faith in humanity.

As far as falls go, this was a very slow-motion, gentle one. Nevertheless, country music sensation Tim McGraw was in the middle of belting out one of his hit songs when he walked to the end of the stage and kneeled down in his very tight jeans. Just as he went down on one knee with his back facing the crowd, the famous singer lost his balance and tumbled backward.

McGraw disappeared into the crowd for a few moments after tumbling off the stage, leaving concerned fans wondering if he was ok. Video footage shows fans with their arms outstretched, capturing video coverage of both the fall and the aftermath. As their cameras continued to roll, the most heartwarming moment unfolded.

McGraw reappeared, shook himself off, and stood up against the barriers that maintained distance between the stage and the ground level. He elevated himself slightly to be able to reach the fans in the audience. In a heartwarming show of care and affection, fans began to hug him, touch him, and offer indications of support and affection after seeing their favorite star tumble off the stage.(RELATED: ‘I Just Ate Sh*t’: Billie Eilish Falls On Stage During Coachella)

Being the true superstar that he is, McGraw transformed an unfortunate incident into an opportunity to offer an up-close and personal meet and greet session with his encouraging fans, and they responded by pouring on the love, in return.

McGraw didn’t seem to have any injuries, but the same couldn’t be said for Post Malone, who also fell while on stage Saturday. He didn’t fare as well, and reports indicate he suffered bruised ribs as a result of that incident, according to USA Today.

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