Tim Scott ‘Checks A Lot of the Boxes’

Former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Monday on FNC’s “American Report” that Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) has “many things on the table” for former President Donald Trump’s running mate. I’m checking it,” he said.

Conway said, “I think President Trump has plenty of leeway when it comes to picking a running mate. He’s probably the quickest candidate for a challenger we’ve ever had, or in a very long time, and he’s embarrassingly… Speaking of rich embarrassments, it seems like no one is more popular than Kamala Harris. That means Joe Biden is sticking with her, and an NBC News poll showed Biden also over the weekend. It was devastating, and it was even more devastating for Kamala Harris. She seems to be the least popular of anyone. She is considered by President Trump as a serious running mate, and even more so for Kamala Harris. Most people would definitely beat Kamala Harris in a debate.”

she continued. “I think Tim Scott checks a lot of boxes. He’s a guy who dropped out of the race and is actively campaigning for President Trump, but I think he’s a guy who’s dropped out of the race and is actively campaigning for President Trump. Who is going to buy into this idea that we are shackling American Americans?”, Asian American, Union Household. Tim Scott is very — Sen. Scott is very clear on the issue of abortion. He seems able to explain how extreme his opponent is and what it means to be pro-life in 2024. ”

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