Tim Tszyu only wants ‘scared’ Jermell Charlo amid title defense

Tim Tze is in uncharted territory.

The 28-year-old super welterweight phenom (23-0, 17 KOs) has wanted it for years, and while it’s a bit anti-climactic, he’s finally found the place he’s been promised for so long.

“I’ve always been a hunter,” Tszyu told the Post. “That mentality changes when you start being the one being chased.”

Tim Tze is in uncharted territory.
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Jermell Charlo’s reaction after losing to Canelo Alvarez on September 30, 2023.
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Jermell Charlo, previously the undisputed 154-pound champion, was stripped of his WBO super welterweight belt the moment he stepped into the ring on September 30th. This time, he defeated his first undisputed title defense and instead moved up two weight classes to unsuccessfully challenge Canelo. Alvarez wins the undisputed super middleweight title.

Tzi, the son of Boxing Hall of Famer Kostya Tzi, was unable to beat any title holder, but Charlo’s decision later earned him the WBO junior welterweight title, but the Australian was the first to win. That was certainly not the way to become a world champion.

He will face Brian Mendoza on Saturday night in a 12-round bout at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center in Tszyu’s native Australia (10:30 p.m., Showtime) and immediately Successfully defend the title.

Tshi is aware of his new position within the department, but insists it “doesn’t affect my life at all”, at least until he can defend it.

He still has a lot to hunt.

More specifically, someone.

“I feel like I’m on the other side as if I’m a world title contender going for the belt,” Tsi said. “I want to feel that all the time. I’m not satisfied with just one belt, I want them all. But what I really want is the name Charlo. That’s the name I want on my resume. It’s simple.

Tim Tzu training before his fight with Brian Mendoza.
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“Charlo is still in that division, but there’s a question mark over who’s the best. All I can do is keep eliminating them one by one.”

After defeating Terrell Gaucha in his U.S. debut in March 2022, Tszyu earned the right to be Charlo’s next challenger for the undisputed super welterweight title and immediately stripped Charlo of the title. He made his intentions clear.

However, Charlo subsequently broke his hand in training, forcing Tszyu to switch to Tony Harrison in March.

He brutally ended Harrison’s night in the ninth round.

Tzu was supposed to get a chance to fight Charlo again, but Charlo suffered a setback with an injury in practice, and the match was postponed again.

Tim Tzu punches Carlos Ocampo in the last match on June 18, 2023.
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Tszyu once again had to shift his focus to Carlos Ocampo, but Tszyu quickly pummeled Carlos Ocampo, earning him a first-round knockout.

Despite winning the title twice, Chu once again eluded Charlo for his shot at the undisputed super welterweight title, with a much bigger money fight two weight classes up against Alvarez. Choosing to sacrifice the WBO super welterweight belt for the chance to become an undisputed title. .

Tszyu, who has only fought once outside of Australia or New Zealand, is not yet a pay-per-view star and doesn’t have the same number of draws as the legendary Alvarez, but that makes him a “high-risk opponent with little reward.” He knows what he’s doing. ”

Charlo had little competition against Alvarez and was dominated until he lost by unanimous decision.

Tim Tzu KO’d Carlos Ocampo in his last fight on June 18, 2023.
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“I think Charlo was scared,” Tsi said. “He didn’t fight to win, he fought to survive, and his performance clearly showed that. He had no competitive spirit, no hunger, and he didn’t fight to win, he fought to survive, and his performance clearly showed that. There was nothing like that at all. The only lion there was Canelo. …He was going to fight a fight where he didn’t have to worry about losing. If he loses to me last night, where does he go from there? That’s the situation we’re in. ”

Mendoza (22-2, 16 KOs) may not be the opponent Tszyu was hoping for, but he’s certainly a formidable opponent.

He shockingly KOed Sebastian Fundora in April, securing one of the biggest upsets of the year, but he’s never been able to stop it on his own.

“I think Mendoza is a great opponent and a tough challenger. He has a heart of gold, is always there to fight, and has some skills. So that’s always a big challenge. ” Tzu said. “But I don’t think much of Mendoza. I think, ‘What would he have to do to keep up with me?’ Not the other way around.

“I’m going to set the pace, I’m going to decide the fight. I’m going to be careful about what he’s got, I’m going to be aware of everything, but it’s like, ‘How is he going to face me?’ Is that so?” ”

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