Time chosen for their ‘person of the year, why Taylor Swift?

Time magazine isn’t known for making the best choices, especially when it comes to its annual “Person of the Year” issue.

This year is no different, as the magazine just awarded that title to Taylor Swift.

Glenn Beck and Stu Brugiere think Time Inc. could have made better choices, even as Swift cemented her status as one of the world’s most popular people.

Stu says Swift had a “huge impact on the way we watch football every weekend,” but he doesn’t know if entertainment was the most important thing to happen this year.

“Multiple wars have broken out, you’ve been through that too. There were a lot of things that had a big impact,” he says.

Glenn believes there may be more whistleblowers from the past year who deserve the title. Whether it’s the “Hunter Biden stuff” or “the one pointing out that we’re targeting Catholics for no reason and calling them terrorists.”

But Glenn and Stu don’t think the honor will go to someone truly outstanding this year. This is not the time.

In fact, because the left chooses the winners, an anti-Semite may be more likely to be given the role than someone who has done the honorable thing.

“So you could throw in Rashida Tlaib. She was the queen of anti-Semites,” says Stu, but Glenn points out that the presidents of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology also fit the bill.

MIT’s president was asked whether calls for the extermination of all Jews on campus violated the university’s code of conduct and rules against bullying and harassment.

Dr. Sally Kornbluth responded that she would investigate anti-Semitic targeting if it was “pervasive and serious.”

“Now, I don’t know, people standing in a rally shouting ‘death’ and ‘genocide of all Jews’, but I think it’s pretty awful,” Glenn says, shocked.

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