Tom Brady Has One Of The Most Depressing Mic’d Up Experiences That You’ll Ever See

This 100% guarantees that Tom Brady is done with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

We all know the story: Tom Brady briefly retired in 2022, just to come back for another season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to see if he could win a record-extending eighth Super Bowl. However, things didn’t go as planned for Brady, with the Bucs barely winning the NFC South with a losing record. Then, in the postseason, they get bounced in the very first round by the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL Super Wild Card Weekend.

And it’s actually more depressing than that for Brady, evident in the Week 14 mic’d up footage of him that is just … sad.

During his homecoming game against the San Francisco 49ers (Brady is from the Bay Area if you’re not aware), he agreed to wear a microphone for the Buccaneers’ social media team.

And what did we get?

Absolute depression.

Holy crap, dude. Tom Brady’s situation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks outright miserable.

As far as I’m seeing it, he’s 100% done with the Bucs, I can’t imagine why he would want to go back to something so … depressing. That’s truly the word to use when describing this whole thing, there’s zero happiness in Tampa right now. Quite frankly, the vibe feels dark as hell when I watch that video.

But do you know where there is happiness?

Miami — you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?

It’s like top NFL analyst Rich Eisen said:

I’ve been doing some coverage of Tom Brady’s free agency saga (which has unofficially already begun) — you can check out those pieces here, here and here.

Rich Eisen is absolutely on point, and so am I.

One thing is for certain with this latest video, according to my magic 8 Ball: Tom Brady is 100% not coming back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season, but like Gronk said in a recent video, he is 100% coming back to the NFL.

Now the question, where is he going?

According to Gronk, it will be the place that most “intrigues” Brady, as well as what “makes him the most excited to play the game of football.”

So if that’s the case…

The Miami Dolphins provide him a Super Bowl-winning roster loaded with weapons including the deadly Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, who are backed up by a talented defensive unit, and it’s being led by a swagged out head coach in Mike McDaniel — that sounds like a ton of fun for Brady to have on the gridiron. Oh, and he also has a great relationship with Dolphins ownership. (RELATED: REPORT: Denver Broncos Become The Favorite To Land Sean Payton As Head Coach)

And, like what we previously went over, his kids are in Miami, he doesn’t have to pay any state income tax in Florida, he’s able to build an empire in Miami post-retirement, and speaking of Miami — that beautiful city could be his playpen. The list goes on and on and on.

There are so many Brady-Dolphins connections it’s not even funny.

Take it to the bank: Tom Brady will be a Miami Dolphin in 2023.

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