Topeka Entices Migrants to Come Fill Jobs, Offering Some $15K to Move

The city of Topeka, Kansas, is seeking immigrants with permission to work in the U.S. to feel at home in the community.

According to officials, the city struggle While population growth is almost stagnant and the unemployment rate is low, there are approximately 6,600 job openings. wall street journal report Thursday.

“The Greater Topeka Partnership, an economic development organization, is trying to sell people in town with its ‘Choose Topeka’ marketing campaign launched in 2019,” the paper said. “Last year, we decided to focus our efforts on immigration, especially immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries.”

Mayor Michael Padilla (D) believes efforts to attract immigrants and Americans to the area are good ideas that will help the city prosper and grow. journal continuation:

Padilla said Topeka doesn’t have the resources, including immigrant shelters, to manage even a fraction of the population arriving from other cities. Instead, he said he would be happy to see the city’s population grow by encouraging foreigners with work permits to move there.

In 2019, the partnership launched a broader “Choose Topeka” campaign to recruit workers to move to the city, in some cases offering up to $15,000 per worker to help with relocation costs. Ta.

“Choose Topeka” website state It is “a community filled with hearts that dream big and people who are willing to work for those dreams.”

The Immigrant Responsibility Project recently said that the proposed border deal between Senate Republican leaders and White House officials would “reward illegal immigration and encourage more foreign graduates to take jobs from American graduates,” according to Bright. Bart News reported on January 12th.

Chris Chmielenski, director of the Immigrant Responsibility Project, said:

This essentially gives the Biden administration the power to continue to capture and release nationals entering the country.authorize them to grant work permits [to illegal migrants and] give them the power to grant parole [legal status] To everyone who can reach the entry port.

It’s important to note that the U.S. economy added 353,000 jobs through January, according to Breitbart News.