Tornado injures 2 in Kansas as dangerous storms race across Midwest

Multiple tornado warnings were issued Tuesday from Kansas to southeastern Iowa due to severe weather, and several tornadoes were captured on video.

The Storm Prediction Center said the atmosphere was strong enough to produce several tornadoes, including at least one cone-shaped tornado in southeastern Iowa.

Chad Hahn, a warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Des Moines, Iowa, said the threat was the first widespread severe weather threat for the Hawkeye State this year.

Damage was reported in areas including Mediapolis, Pleasant Grove and Salem in Iowa, and FOX Storm Tracker captured exclusive video of at least one commercial building being damaged by high winds.

Several homes were also reported to have been damaged near New London, Iowa.

Early Tuesday morning, an American Airlines flight from Kansas City to Chicago was turned back to the airport due to a possible lightning strike.

Damage was reported in Iowa communities including Mediapolis, Pleasant Grove and Salem. Lieutenant Smit #493

The plane landed safely at Kansas City International Airport and taxied to the gate under its own power.

The airline told FOX Weather that its maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft and all customers are being offered alternative flights.

There was also damage to trees in Clay County, Missouri, near the Camp Branch area of ​​Smithville Lake, according to a National Weather Service storm report.

The mobile home flipped over, but there were no injuries. Significant damage was reported to the Kansas City Trap Shooters Association facility in Smithville, Missouri.

The NWS office in Topeka, Kansas, said it had received multiple reports of damage throughout Osage County, south of Topeka.

Investigators determined the tornado remained on the ground for 20 minutes and damaged several buildings. At least two people were injured by the twister when the RV flipped over.

At least two people were injured by the twister when their RV overturned. @TrooperPaul103/X

As the storm continued to move east, emergency managers reported a tornado in Platte County, Nebraska, three miles southwest of Platte Center.

The manager also reported that the tornado roped out before touching down again.

Another tornado was confirmed just east of Minburn, Iowa, within a tornado warning in Dallas County.

There was damage to an outbuilding and sheet metal was scattered across a field, according to the NWS storm report.

Metal siding is thrown up on trees on Ethan Steenbach’s property after a tornado struck the area Tuesday morning, April 16, 2024, in Overbrook, Kansas. AP

More than 20,000 power outages were reported in four states Tuesday night, with Missouri leading the way with more than half of them, according to

During Tuesday’s activity, the NWS office serving the Quad-Cities had to temporarily transfer forecasting responsibilities to the NWS office in Des Moines as a tornado warning thunderstorm approached the NWS facility.

After the storm passed, no damage was reported to the National Weather Service, and officials took over responsibility for issuing warnings for eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

As the storm continued to move east, emergency managers reported a tornado in Platte County, Nebraska, three miles southwest of Platte Center. Kansas City Trappers Association

SPC received more than 10 reports of tornadoes during Tuesday’s event, and more than 100 reports of wind and hail damage, most in Missouri and Iowa.

Severe threat moves east on Wednesday

A third day of severe storms will see action shift to the southern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.

Scattered thunderstorms are possible over parts of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The SPC has given parts of Indiana, Ohio and southern Michigan a level 2 risk out of 5.

Storm timing will begin Wednesday afternoon and continue into the evening.

Highlighted areas are likely to experience a mix of severe hazards including hail, wind, heavy rain, and tornadoes.