Trans activists shouted down women’s rights speaker in New Zealand, douse her in tomato juice

At the “Let Women Speak” event in New Zealand on Saturday, transgender rights activists clash with participants and the event’s speakers are doused with tomato juice.

British women’s rights activist Kelly Jay Keane Minschl, also known as Posey Parker, was ready to speak on stage when an opposing protester came up behind and poured tomato juice on her but was quickly taken down by security guards. Zealand Herald.

Keen-Minshull’s “Let Women Speak” tour aims to give women the opportunity to speak out about the impact of gender ideologies. Opponent is Speaking Tour “TERF” Event It stands for trans-exclusion radical feminist.

Transgender rights activists accuse TERF of excluding trans people, especially transgender women, from women’s rights advocacy.

Professional women activists allegedly intimidated by transgender protesters fight to keep men out of ‘women’s space’

Protesters began beating drums and chanting ‘go home’, yelling at speakers and women who tried to speak out about defending women’s rights, according to the NZ Herald. It says.

Keen Minschul is seen in the video being escorted out of the event by security after counter-protesters breached a barricade and surrounded her and her security guards.

She later condemned the attack on Twitter, saying, “The bravery of New Zealand women and men who came to speak the truth will never be forgotten. I was honored to be among you. I am truly sorry.” .

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“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling also condemned the attack, saying women are used to “blatant denial of reality.”

“There are multiple videos of Kelly Jay being assaulted. Women are used to lies, threats of violence, and blatant denial of reality, but if you imagine someone feeling ‘defeated,’ think again.” please look. They are,” she tweeted.

The ‘Let Women Speak’ tour was also scheduled to take place in Wellington, New Zealand, but was canceled due to a ‘certain threat to life’.


Keen-Minshull will be speaking in Ireland in April.

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