Trans child molester sentenced for killing friend with a rock in fight over $100

A California child molester who served time in a Los Angeles juvenile facility at age 26 for attacking a 10-year-old girl in a Denny's bathroom will serve 15 years in adult prison for stoning a friend to death. In the forest.

Prosecutors say Hannah Tubbs, also known as James Tubbs, killed Michael Clark in Kern County in 2019. Tubbs, wearing a brown prison jumpsuit and eyeliner, apologized to the victim's family and insisted he was remorseful.

According to court filings, the two were friends who lived together in an outdoor “temporary survivalist” community when Tubbs stole $100 and Clark confronted Tubbs about it. At that time, the relationship suddenly changed.

When asked if he was ready for sentencing, Tubbs told the judge it was inevitable.

“That's yes or no,” the judge answered.

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Hannah Tubbs will appear in court for sentencing on Thursday, December 7, 2023 in Bakersfield, California. Tubbs pleaded guilty last month and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the 2019 beating death of Michael Clark. (Splash News on Fox News Digital)

Tubbs faced more serious charges, including first-degree murder, but agreed to a plea deal last month.

Tubbs, who was treated as a woman in Los Angeles, was being held in the men's facility at the Kern County Jail, but evidence such as phone calls inside the jail showed that Tubbs had changed his gender identity in order to be housed with boys and girls. It has been suggested that he was just pretending to have changed. Prey selection. State corrections officials will decide whether Tubbs will go to a men's or women's prison.

After Clark's death, Tubbs threatened her other friends, Joseph Buffalo and Brittany Hill, to keep quiet about the attack.

Hannah Tubbs mugshot Kern County

James Tubbs, also known as Hannah Tubbs, pleaded guilty in April 2019 to beating a friend named Michael Clarke. Tubbs is seen in her booking photo on May 6, 2022, and she began identifying as a woman after she was arrested in Los Angeles in 2021 in connection with an attempted child abuse case. . (Kern County)

Tubbs has a history of violent crime convictions. and drug crimes There have also been incidents in California, Washington and Idaho, and in addition to the Los Angeles incident, he has been charged in at least two other attacks on young girls.

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In a prison phone call obtained by Fox News last year, Tubbs gloated about Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon's policies and lenient sentences that kept convicted child molesters away from state authorities. It was. sex offender registry.

Hannah Tubbs appears for sentencing

Tubbs clutches a piece of paper during his sentencing hearing on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023, in Bakersfield, California. He admitted that he killed a friend of his, Michael Clark, by hitting him in the head with a rock during a dispute over $100 he had stolen from Tubbs. (Splash News on Fox News Digital)

Tubbs was serving a sentence for assault with a deadly weapon in Kern County and was scheduled to be released on parole from state prison in 2021, but Los Angeles prosecutors said he would be tried after he was sexually assaulted over a 10-year period in 2014. He requested that his person be transferred. An old girl in the bathroom of a Denny's restaurant.


However, under Gascón's direction, the 2014 case remained in juvenile court. Tubbs was 17 years old at the time of the attack, just days away from becoming a legal adult.

Shea Sanna, the Los Angeles prosecutor who handled Tubbs' case, drove two hours north to Bakersfield to witness the verdict.

“I've heard that child abusers don't do well in prison. Mr. Tubbs will spend the next 15 years in state prison,” he told Fox News Digital after the hearing. “I hope it’s going to be a tough 15 years.”

Tubbs has a criminal history in several states outside of California, including Idaho and Washington. Previous charges include assaulting young girls in libraries and toy stores, and convictions for assault with a deadly weapon.



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