Trans woman Rachel Glines’ genitalia exposure charges cleared due to ‘body fat’ coverage

A judge in Xenia County, Ohio, ruled that trans woman Rachel Grinds did not commit obscene exposure in the women’s locker room after the defense claimed body fat covered the genital area.

Xenia Municipal Court documents originally reported three public indecency charges against Glines, formerly known as Darren, since 2021. visible penis. The charges against Grinds then brought him to court in February.

Judge David McNamee eventually acquitted Grinds of these charges, citing the fact that Grinds was allowed to be in the locker room and the fact that Grinds’ heavy body set likely covered his penis. “There was little dispute about the facts of the case,” he said. .

“There is no doubt that [Glines] I was in the women’s locker room. but, [Glines] was not charged with trespassing, [Glines] Indicted for being in the YMCA area [Glines] It shouldn’t have been,” McNamee wrote. “Simply put quietly, there are no facts to support a conviction like an indictment. Glines’ genitalia were not visible as the rest of her body was similarly covered.”

This comment similarly echoes a question posed by Glines’ attorneys, who also claimed that “it’s fair to say that the entire genital area is covered with body fat.” The attorney also noted that her YMCA in Greater Dayton had previously granted Grinds permission to enter the women’s locker rooms at all her YMCA facilities in the area.

In a statement regarding the incident, the YMCA said: It is against the law, against respect for all people, and against who or what we are as an organization. ”

Xenia County Judge David McNamee has exonerated transgender woman Rachel Glines for exposing her genitals at the YMCA.
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Grinds’ attorney released a statement following the sentencing saying, “It is unfortunate not only for her, but for the community at large that these charges have been made. Thank you for your control and for spreading truth.”

Xenia City Council Speaker William Urschel was previously recorded as commenting on the incident and one of the women’s complaints at a Greene County Tea Party meeting.

“So she went to the front desk and said, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you know what’s going on, but there’s a naked guy over there,'” Urschel said. She was informed, ‘No, this is actually a woman and should not be disturbed by this.

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