Transgender golfer says he doesn’t understand backlash

A male golfer who plays against women said he doesn't understand why he would face criticism after winning a women's golf tournament.

Hayley Davidson, a 31-year-old golfer who was born male, recently won the NXXT Women's Classic tournament. His win in the women's tournament vaulted Davidson to the top of the NXXT Tour leaderboard.

Golfers and governing bodies quickly received backlash, and Davidson said on multiple platforms that he did not understand why he would be subject to such criticism.

“The amount of misguided hate I have received so far today is extraordinary,” Davidson wrote, according to the newspaper. new york post. “All these people [think] I hit it 300 yards, maybe even 280 yards. On a good day it's around 250. ”

Davidson was later asked on Good Morning Britain whether he thought men had an inherent advantage over women in sports.

“Men do have an advantage, so transgender people can be on hormones for a year and don't need surgery or anything. Of course, in most cases, men will have an advantage,” he said. answered.

Davidson underwent sex reassignment surgery three years before the controversy began.

“I don't believe people should be banned from sports, but I do believe there should be effective guidelines,” he continued. “I don't understand, I don't understand what fear is doing to me as a person.”

Davidson also told the British program that she received numerous death threats within days of her victory in the women's tournament.

In response to the outcry, the NXXT Women's Pro Tour announced that it would subject Davidson to further hormone testing.

CEO Stuart McKinnon said: “In order to maintain the integrity of our standards, we have requested that Hayley Davidson undergo additional testosterone testing to ensure compliance with appropriate guidelines.” blog post.

Davidson has responded to comments on multiple Instagram posts, citing misinformation from his critics.

“This win was great, but unlike what's written in every article, I'm incredibly far from the LPGA Tour. I will never allow that,” the golfer said. I have written.

somewhere else postDavidson explained that she “doesn't have the resume of most other professional female golfers.”

He justified his statement only by saying he didn't go to a big Division I school and didn't play in any major tournaments.

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