Trbojevic brothers are NRL’s star siblings getting Kelce comparisons

LAS VEGAS — The NFL has Kelce brothers.

There are Trbojevic brothers in the NRL.

Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ prolific pass-catching tight end, won a Super Bowl three weeks ago at Allegiant Stadium as his brother Jason, a center for the Eagles, watched from a luxury suite.

The Manly Sea Eagles will face the South Sydney Rabbitohs for the first time outside Australia in a historic National Rugby League season opener at Allegiant Stadium on Saturday, but Tom, Jake and Ben Truboje All bitches are in the starting 13.

Tom, 27, is the middle brother and is a star for Manly as a dynamic, playmaking full-back.

The eldest, 30-year-old Jake, will play the “lock” position, while 22-year-old Ben will play the “second row” position.

The common thread woven through the brothers is their humble nature.

They grew up in Manly Beach, came through the junior program and are now at the big club.

Ben, Tom and Jake Trbojevic all play in the NRL.

When I asked Tom, whose nickname is “Turbo”, this week how the Kelces and Trbojevic families compare (aside from the fact that Trbojevic doesn’t date any international pop stars), he said: . Kelce is worried. We respect what they’ve accomplished so far, but we’re a little far from what they’ve accomplished in the world of sports.

“As a fan of the two, it’s hard to compare.”

Next, when asked, “Who is Travis and who is Jason among the three brothers?” Tom answered with a smile. None of us are Travis. ”

“We all think Jason,” Jake agreed. “But if there’s a Travis among us, it’s Tom.”

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles’ Ben Trbojevic takes the field for the NRL Captain’s Run at Allegiant Stadium on March 1, 2024. Getty Images

“We’re far from social people,” Tom says. “If someone were there, they’d probably say I am, but it’s pretty far-fetched to say I’m sociable.”

This was Tom’s answer when asked about the difference between him and his brother. “Jake is more of a forward, so he’s more of a hard-hitting, contact player. I’m an outside back and can move a little bit more than him. And Ben’s kind of in the middle of the two of us. So, it’s nice. What a combination.

“I’ve been playing with Jake for eight or nine years now, but Ben of course came in a few years ago, so it was great to see his evolution as a footballer. It was special.”

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles’ Tom Trbojevic throws the ball in the air after meeting with NASCAR drivers after the Sea Eagles’ NRL Captain’s Run at Allegiant Stadium on March 1, 2024. Getty Images

Trbojevic’s parents, John and Melissa, and his fourth brother Luke, who does not play rugby, travel frequently to watch their sons play and were in Las Vegas this week.

“They follow us everywhere, they love watching us play soccer, and they’ll go wherever they need to go to watch us play,” Tom said.

“It’s a really great story,” said former NRL player and current Fox commentator Matty Johns. “The family is from the local area and very well-respected in the community. When they were kids, when they went to see junior NRL matches, their father would prepare a barbecue, their mother would sell raffle tickets, and the boys would We go out on the field, mark the field, and take our hats off.

“This is an incredibly community-minded family.”

Tom Trbojevic stretches during the Sea Eagles’ NRL Captain’s Run. Getty Images

Jake Trbojevic said this week was “a great life experience. It’s special to be able to do this with my brothers for the club we grew up with.” We’re all kind of pinching ourselves that we’re actually in Las Vegas. It’s one of those things you dream about but never thought would come true. ”

Jake said the age gap between him, Tom and Ben was so great that the unique nature of what they accomplished as a family didn’t get through to them.

“Me and Tom started together in 2015 and we were so young that we probably took it for granted that we would play together, but now that Ben has come in we’ve realized how special it is. “I get a little emotional sometimes about how cool it is,” Jake said. “I think we took it for granted when we first started because we’re similar ages. But now, a few years later, with Ben joining the team, we realize how special it is. I realized that.”

Sea Eagles’ Jake Trbojevic is tackled during the NRL round 27 match between Manly Sea Eagles and West Tigers at 4 Pines Park on September 1, 2023. Getty Images

Of course, Ben always looked up to his older siblings and naturally wanted to follow in their footsteps.

“Coming through the youth ranks, Tommy and Jake are older than me so I never really played with them,” Ben said. “Now I pinch myself whenever I play with my brothers. My family is really proud of me.

“And to do this in Las Vegas is something I’ll never forget.”

Carl Lawton, Jake Trbojevic and Brad Parker walk on the field before the Sea Eagles’ NRL Captain’s Run at Allegiant Stadium. Getty Images

Jake’s advice to his younger brother paving his own path is simple.

“We’re all different players, we’ve all formed our own ways and we just know our strengths,” he said. “We don’t have to be like Tom. Just do our best and be ourselves. That’s what we’ve always been taught. It’s not about being Tom. Nobody is Tom. You can’t be like that. Only Tom’s Tom.”

Manly reserve player Aaron Woods called Tom Trbojevic a “natural freak” and said he believed Ben “is going to be an absolute superstar.”

“Jake, the oldest, [a] “I have a different body type than Tom,” Woods continued. “He’s a short, stocky forward who looks like a typical businessman on the street, but once he gets inside the white lines he cuts men in half.

Ben Trbojevic of the Sea Eagles hits the West Tigers during the NRL round 27 match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the West Tigers at Four Pines Park in Sydney, Australia on September 1, 2023. Tackled by Jareem Bulla of the Tigers. Getty Images

“They come from good genes. They’re the nicest family in the world. They’re local boys from the Manly area.”

Woods said he sees similarities between the Kelce brothers and Trbojevic.

“What you see about these two Kelsey brothers is that they are generally happy for each other’s success,” Woods said. “Jason wore a Kansas City Chiefs shirt in the Super Bowl even though he plays in Philadelphia. That’s what Jake, Tom and Ben are like. It doesn’t matter which one of them was successful. We’re just very happy with each other and that’s the bond we have as a family.”

Manly captain Daley Cherry-Evans said there was a moment this week when he understood the uniqueness of the journey the Trbojevic brothers are currently on.

“We went on a Grand Canyon tour[earlier in the week]and I just thought about it and thought, ‘Look, they’re on the other side of the world going to see the Grand Canyon together.’ ” he said. He said. “I can only imagine what it’s like to play as a freshman with my brothers. It’s going to be a great opportunity.

Ben Tolbo of the Sea Eagles takes a break during the NRL pre-season trial match between Manly Sea Eagles and South Sydney Rabbitohs at Industry Group Stadium in Gosford, Australia on February 11, 2024. Jevic. Getty Images

“They’re on our team, so we might take them for granted a little bit, but that’s pretty cool, right?”

Manly team owner and chairman Scott Penn said Trbojevic “is going to play an important role for the next three to four years and will be a very important part of our team.” Told.

“These are local juniors who love their club and we can’t think of anything better than rewarding them with a championship over the next few years,” Penn said. “It’s just a great story.”

Tickets for NRL matches are available below. Purchased through Ticketmaster, prices start at $19. Lower tier seats start at $39 and go up to $189 for club seats.

Games will be played at 9:30pm and 11:30pm ET. View app NRL. It will also be broadcast on FS1 in the US.



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