Tree Branch Hits Weatherman Reporting In Nasty Hurricane Conditions

A rogue tree branch knocked down a weatherman reporting on the hurricane conditions in Florida on Wednesday.

The Weather Channel’s meteorologist Jim Cantore was reporting live on Hurricane Ian from Punta Gorda when he was swept off his feet by a large, rogue branch.

“Alright you know what, we’re just gonna come in here for a second,” Cantore said as he got himself off the ground after having been knocked down. He continued to struggle against the wind as he walked toward the cameraman. Cantore then grabbed onto a “one way” sign as the wind again swept another branch dangerously close to him.

“Just give me a second,” Cantore said as he appeared to hold on for dear life. (RELATED: Haunting Video From Tampa Shows Ocean Disappearing)

“Jim, you alright?” someone could be heard asking.

“I’m alright, I’m fine. I’m fine. I just can’t stand up,” he said before making a break for it toward the cameraman.

Hurricane Ian made landfall early Wednesday as its force reached the brink of a Category 5. Official reports currently have the storm at a category 4, with winds in and around southwestern Florida topping off at 155 miles per hour, just shy of the 157 miles per hour required to officially designate it as a category 5.

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