Trevor Noah Drops An Epstein Punchline At Grammy Awards

Trevor Noah brought up Epstein’s list at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, and couldn’t help but criticize Hollywood’s biggest smear campaign.

The comedian and former host of “The Daily Show” casually dropped the Epstein punchline, making the audience laugh uncomfortably at the reference. Noah returned after a short commercial break and greeted, “We’re back at the Grammys with stars who aren’t on Epstein’s list.”

The crowd sat dumbfounded at the fact that he slipped into the ref so easily, but quickly reacted. Some celebrities laughed, while others gasped and looked completely stunned.

The internet exploded with comments as fans reacted to the removal of Epstein’s name.

Some fans were furious that he would talk about this disgraced sex offender.

“Epstein joke? Trevor Noah, get off the stage #Grammy Awards”, 1 written by a fan.

Others posted memes about the moment.

Many fans found it hysterically funny that Noah found a way to add humor to a very serious and sensitive subject.

“Trevor Noah is not talking about ‘stars not on Epstein’s list.’ wrote in support of his jab.

Some fans were quick to point out that Oprah and Epstein’s relationship hasn’t been fully cleared in the public eye, but she happened to be attending Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony. (Related: Jay-Z brutally slams the Grammys while holding award)

“Missed opportunity. Broadcast director should have cut to Oprah after Trevor Noah made Epstein joke lol #Grammy Awards” 1 person I wrote a letter to Xformerly known as Twitter.



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