Trevor Noah Loses TV Show After Years Of Disrespecting America. What A Pity (Not)

Trevor Noah announced Thursday that he’s finally getting off television after driving the once-brilliant “The Daily Show” into the ground.

Noah, who tried and failed to make an impact in the U.K. comedy scene before coming to the U.S., has been host of “The Daily Show” for seven years. He announced his departure in a “special message” shared on YouTube. As a fellow legal alien in the greatest country on Earth, I am so thrilled to know that this man won’t be disrespecting the nation that gave him celebrity relevance on “The Daily Show” stage ever again.

Say what you want about Jon Stewart, but I liked him. He was, and still is, a fundamental patriot in his own way, someone capable of admitting his mistakes, debating without talking down to his opponent, and using his status to help others.

The same could not be said of Noah. Throughout his tenure at “The Daily Show,” Noah managed to alienate his audience with repetitive anti-American rhetoric, mocking and condescending anyone who disagreed with what was his predominantly far-leftist ideology. His obsession with mocking Trump made him totally toxic to the right, but recent years saw him turn against those who gave him prominence.

Noah ripped the Biden Administration for their no-mask mandate correspondent’s dinner. He attacked Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s vaccination rules. He even mocked Biden when he had COVID-19, saying the president was “most successful” when he was out of sight.

As an immigrant and former liberal socialist-turned-conservative myself, I completely appreciate the importance of finding. I’ve also lived in the U.S. for seven years. In my experience, that’s all it takes to (a) respect the heck out of a country that welcomes legal immigrants with open arms, and (b) you can either be on the left, the right, or a straight centrist to get ahead.

Flip-flopping between the two just comes across as annoying, inconsistent, and childish, just like Noah. (RELATED: Is Tucker Carlson Trolling Or Is He Flirting With A Run At The White House?)

My hope for Noah is that he finds his place in this country. He doesn’t strike me as a particularly grateful person (and I’ve been told by colleagues that he’s a total diva and social climber), but perhaps he won’t have pissed on, hurt, and disrespected too many people on his way up the late-night mountain, because he’s going to need all the help he can get on his way back down.

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