Troy Aikman’s girlfriend, Haley Clark, accused of scamming Nordstrom

Troy Aikman’s girlfriend, Hayley Clark, was fired and temporarily ousted from her previous job after retail giant Nordstrom accused her of stealing about $4,000 worth of merchandise. According to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail.

According to the federal government, Clark, 34, improperly used an employee discount in October 2017 while working as a sales manager at Trunk Club, a Nordstrom company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, for $3,924.44. He was accused of stealing dollar merchandise. Court documents.

“Plaintiff, in direct violation of Nordstrom’s policies, allowed his friends and relatives to shop using Nordstrom’s employee discount,” the department store said in court documents.

The company also accused Clark of using another employee’s Nordstrom Notes, a store rewards program, to make purchases.

Clark no longer works at Nordstrom. According to her LinkedIn account: She is currently the senior director of sales for Q Clothier, a men’s clothing brand in Dallas.

According to LinkedIn, she was the sales director for Trunk Club from November 2013 to November 2017.

Troy Aikman and Hayley Clark on the Amalfi Coast, June 2023.
Instagram/Hayley Clark

Ms Clark also signed an “adult criminal trespass warning form” and admitted she “understood” the incident. [her] He was banned from all Nordstrom facilities for two years for “illegal conduct.”

Nordstrom declined to press criminal charges, according to the Daily Mail.

Clark then filed a lawsuit against the department store in 2018, claiming the accusations against her were false.

“Plaintiff alleges that he was intentionally detained in a threatening environment in order to coerce him into signing various documents, including a purported promissory note evidencing his debt to Nordstrom,” Clark said. The suit filed suit, seeking more than $200,000 in damages. Compensation for damages.

The case was resolved through arbitration in 2019.

“Arbitration is a private proceeding, and neither Clark nor her former employer may disclose the existence, content, or outcome of the arbitration without the prior written consent of all parties,” Clark’s lawyers wrote. Matthew Brown told the Daily Mail.

Troy Aikman and Hayley Clark in Capri, June 2023.
Troy Aikman and Hayley Clark in Capri, June 2023.
Instagram/Hayley Clark

Aikman and Clark have reportedly been dating since June. Photos she shared on Instagram From a couple’s trip to Capri.

This is the first time the former NFL star has publicly divorced his second wife, Katherine “Capa” Aikman, whom he married in 2017.

Aikman, 56, has been divorced for three years, a source close to him told the Post in June.

The former couple never publicly announced their separation or divorce.

Aikman has two daughters from his first marriage to former Cowboys publicist Rhonda Worthy, and Capa has two sons from his marriage to real estate attorney Jerry Muti.

Capa still uses Aikman’s. Last name on social media.

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