Truckers explain why theyre boycotting New York Donald Trump

New York has indicted former President Donald Trump for $355 million, accusing him of inflating the value of real estate to defraud banks, despite no evidence that the banks suffered any losses.

Now, truck drivers across the country have decided to protest this ruling by boycotting New York City and even New York State.

One truck driver told Glenn Beck that he had made eight deliveries to five boroughs in recent years and had already told his dispatcher, “Under no circumstances will I ever cross that bridge again.”

“I’m not going to New York state, much less the city,” he added.

“What was the dispatch response to that? Did you have a fever?” Glenn Beck asks in awe.

Rather than give him heat, the dispatcher replied, “Oh, one more thing.”

“It appears that about 20% to 25% of drivers no longer want to bring their luggage into New York state,” he told Glenn.

A truck driver who owns his own truck and trailer has also been refused entry into New York City.

“The pay is good, but I won’t do it anymore,” he says. “If a bunch of independent truckers started doing this, New York City would be in trouble very quickly.”

He believes “it won’t be a huge blow to the trucking industry” because “the demand for independent drivers, for experienced drivers, is very high.”

He said it won’t hurt truck drivers, but “it will hurt New York City.”

“I’m interested to see how this turns out,” Glenn says. “This is a group of people who can make a big difference.”

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