Trump blasts Kerry's climate activism for 'destroying our country' in Iowa town hall: 'He has to be stopped'

Former President Donald Trump condemned US climate envoy John Kerry’s climate change activities during a Fox News town hall event, telling the audience that the former Democratic presidential candidate’s “must stop.”

“I see John Kerry all over the place talking about: [how] We have to retire coal-fired power plants,” President Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“Yet China is building one massive coal-fired power plant a week, and they’re doing it automatically. And John Kerry wants us to do everything we can to stop it. “We have a country, so we have to keep our factories running. We don’t want the wind to set our factories on fire.”

Shortly afterward, President Trump discussed America’s energy independence, saying, “Our country can be prosperous again. We have to stop John Kerry. He’s destroying our country.”

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“This guy, I mean, think about it,” Trump continued. “By the way, he travels around the world on private jets. He talks to people about decommissioning coal-fired power plants. They all laugh at him. “They say, what an idiot, what an idiot,” he said, “and they keep building coal-fired power plants.”

Mr. Kerry has been widely criticized by conservatives for using a private jet while railing against the effects of climate change.

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In addition, Mr. Kelly has come under fire from conservatives for several controversial statements about how he wants the United States to deal with climate change, including a recent statement calling for a halt to new production at coal-fired power plants. has been done.

“The first step is to stop the problem from getting worse. Stop the unabated construction of new coal-fired power plants,” Mr Kerry said at a climate change summit in Dubai.


Mr. Kelly has also previously dismissed concerns that tens of thousands of American coal workers could lose their jobs if his policy is implemented, calling the idea a “false narrative.” was.

At the same conference in Dubai, Mr. Kelly promised Reduce emissions from air conditioners and refrigerators to fight climate change.

Fox News Digital reached out to Kelly’s office for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.



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