Trump calls claims he’s a threat to democracy a ‘hoax,’ says Biden is the threat: ‘I will save democracy’

Former President Trump on Saturday called Democratic warnings that his potential return to the White House after the 2024 election posed a threat to democracy “a hoax” and “misinformation,” calling President Biden a “real threat.” ”.

In a speech hosted by the Young Republicans Club of New York, President Trump predicted that Biden's “banana republic” would end after the November 2024 presidential election.

“The Radical Left Democrats and their fake news allies have debunked their latest hoax that Donald J. and the Republican Party are a threat to democracy…This is their new line. Here we go again – ‘Russia. , Russia, Russia'' “Müller'''', “Müller, Müller'', “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine''. One hoax after another,” President Trump said.

“But no, I'm not a threat. I'm going to save democracy. The threat is crooked Joe Biden,” he continued.

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The former president said claims that he is a threat to democracy are “a hoax” and “a new idea,” adding, “We now call this the threat to democracy hoax. That's because it is.”

President Trump went on to say that Democrats and the media “have nothing to do with threats to democracy that will save Mr. Biden from causing the worst inflation in our nation's history, a fragile economy that may soon end in a 1929-style depression.” “I'm thinking of going… We're very close.” “This is a recession like you've never seen. We're $36 trillion in debt, and this guy knows nothing.”

He also said the threat to the cause of democracy was a “desperate and shameless attempt by the left to distract from the horrific abuses of power that are being committed right under our noses.”

Biden and other Democrats worry that a second Trump presidency could damage U.S. democracy as Biden and Trump prepare for a possible rematch in the 2020 presidential election. He said there is. “The greatest threat posed by President Trump is to our democracy,” Biden said Saturday at a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

With 91 charges filed against Trump in four separate federal investigations, the former president warned Biden that indicting him could lead to retaliation once he returns to the White House.

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President Trump gave a speech Saturday hosted by the Young Republican Club of New York. (Brandon Bell)

“He has opened a Pandora's box that will never restore our country,” Trump said. “All I can say to Joe is, 'Be careful what you wish for, but… What you did was terrible.'' He added, “Biden is an indictment of his political opponents.''

President Trump recently spoke of imposing “retaliation” on his political opponents if he returns to the White House after next year's election. Asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity during a town hall last week whether he would abuse his power to retaliate against someone if elected, the former president replied, “It's different on the first day.”

“The first day is different. We want to close the border and we want to drill, drill, drill,” Trump told Hannity.

During his speech on Saturday, President Trump accused the media of misinterpreting his remarks to Hannity as saying he wanted to be a dictator.

“I said I wanted to be a dictator for a day… And you know why I wanted to be a dictator? Because I want walls… and I want to drill, drill, drill ” he said.

former president donald trump

Former US President Donald Trump predicted that President Biden's “banana republic” would end after the 2024 presidential election. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)


Hannity's comment that President Trump is a dictator has drawn criticism from press freedom groups, who say his comments are “anti-democratic.” President Trump has previously hinted at the possibility of jailing reporters who fail to reveal their sources during 2022 rallies.

“You say to the reporter, 'Who are you?' … and if the reporter doesn't want to tell you, 'bye-bye.' Reporters go to jail,” the former president said at the time.

At the conclusion of Saturday's speech, Trump predicted he would return to the White House and make America “great again.”

“We're going to get rid of the sick political class that hates our country,” Trump said. “We will defeat the Fake News Media. We will oust Joe Biden from the White House, and we will finish this job, once and for all, to make our country great again.”



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