Trump demands new trial in E. Jean Carroll sexual abuse case: court docs

Former President Donald Trump is calling for a new sex abuse trial against author E. Gene Carroll, according to Thursday’s court filings, and that she was not raped in a civil lawsuit last month. He claims he should never have received the million dollars.

The 76-year-old former president, who was convicted of sexually assaulting Carroll in a Bergdorf Goodman locker room decades ago, was ordered to pay $2 million for assault charges, according to the Manhattan Federation. court papers stating that is “too expensive.”

“The court should order a new trial …because, contrary to plaintiff’s rape allegation, the jury found that plaintiff was sexually abused and not raped,” the filing states. “Such abuse may have included groping Ms Plantif’s clothing and similar acts, but this is far from rape.”

President Trump said the jury’s award of damages was “significantly excessive,” according to the retrial motion. That’s because the encounter didn’t cause the psychiatric problems diagnosed in the former Elle magazine advice columnist, 79.

He also said the additional $2.7 million awarded to Carroll for the defamation portion of the civil lawsuit was miscalculated by “reputation experts” who testified on behalf of the accuser and was “pure speculation.” is based on,” he claimed.

In her lawsuit, E. Gene Carroll alleges that President Trump raped her in the mid-1990s.

“[Carroll’s] Income has increased since the defendants denied the plaintiffs’ claims,” ​​the court documents said, referring to Trump’s defamatory allegations that Carroll had lied about the rape allegations.

In May, a nine-member federal jury in Manhattan said after President Trump publicly denied Carroll’s rape allegations, claimed he never met her, and accused her of a political “hoax.” and convicted of assault and defamation. He was ordered to pay damages totaling over $5 million.

Carroll’s lawyer said on Thursday that Trump’s push for a retrial was legally weak.

“Trump’s allegations are frivolous. The jury carefully considered the evidence Carroll presented, but Trump produced no witnesses of his own. We won’t be able to,” attorney Robbie Kaplan said in a statement.

Carroll painting in court
Donald Trump has called for a new Manhattan sexual abuse trial against author E. Gene Carroll.

Carroll called 10 witnesses during the trial surrounding the lawsuit, including two other Trump accusers and two friends who spoke about the alleged assault.

Mr Trump’s lawyers, meanwhile, said Mr Carroll’s story was improbable, saying she had not provided enough evidence to support her claim for damages.

playing cards
Donald Trump has previously called Carroll’s allegations “hoaxed.”

Carroll’s first lawsuit, filed in 2022, allegedly accused President Trump of raping her in a dressing room in 1996.

She then filed a second lawsuit for both defamation and assault after New York passed a statute of limitations to give sexual assault victims more time to file lawsuits.

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