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Trump dismisses 2024 GOP rivals, rips DeSantis for insisting a two-term president is needed 

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized rivals for the 2024 Republican primary for jumping into the race, arguing that a second Republican president is needed to reverse the policies of the Biden administration. blamed rivals.

President Trump, 76, took aim at his opponent during a pre-recorded event at City Hall in Clive, Iowa, moderated by Fox News host Sean Hannity.

In response to Hannity’s question, the former commander-in-chief asked Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis how quickly he could “switch gears” to deal with the crisis on the southern border, make the country energy self-sufficient, and improve the school system. I asked if it could be improved. And if elected, he will “restore law and order, safety and security.”

President Trump targeted DeSantis and other Republican rivals at Iowa City Hall on Thursday night.
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“I’m thinking very quickly,” Trump responded, before referring to comments DeSantis made in Iowa on Tuesday about the importance of selecting candidates who are eligible to serve two terms. rice field.

“I tell you, I heard DeSantis say, ‘Well, eight years for me, eight years for me, four years for him.'” Four months, eight months. there is no need. 6 months required. In six months,” Trump said, adding, “And frankly, I wouldn’t vote for him because he said he needed eight years. Six months.”

During his first public campaign as a presidential candidate on Tuesday, DeSantis said: The bureaucracy is so entrenched that while I think you can get George Washington back, I doubt you can fix it in one four-year term. “

Ron DeSantis
DeSantis argues that Republicans must elect a president eligible for two terms in 2024, but not Trump.
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The former president has also attacked rivals who rank below him in the polls and called into question the purpose of his candidacy in the White House. Among them is Republican former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is reportedly set to participate in the Republican presidential primary in New Jersey next week. Hampshire.

“I don’t know why people do that.

“He had a 6% approval rating in New Jersey. I mean, I love New Jersey, but he had a 6% approval rating in New Jersey. What’s the purpose? And his approval rating is Zero,” Trump said.

Trump also mocked former Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson by calling him “Ada,” suggesting voters had never heard of him.

“I call him ‘Ada’ Hutchinson. I don’t call him Asa, I call him ‘Ada.’ For some reason he kind of gave it a name. But this guy, no one really knows who he is. Never, never good,” Trump insisted.

“I don’t understand what they’re doing,” Trump continued, suggesting that some candidates had voter turnout “below zero.”

“If it’s less than 1%, you know it’s 1%, but it says 1% with a left-pointing arrow. There’s one zero guy with an arrow pointing left, which means he’s less than zero.” It means,” Trump added with more laughter.

The former president then declared that he would focus his attacks on Mr. DeSantis, who now ranks second in most polls.

“You’re really going for second place. And the second place guy is dropping so fast that I don’t think he’s going to be second for very long. He’s going to be third or fourth. I think it will be the number one,” Trump predicted.

The former president also cited Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s sword swing toward Taiwan, declaring that this is “the most serious and most dangerous time in our history.” .

He also accused the Bidens of spreading influence in the hands of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R, Kentucky) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R, Ohio). praised the Republican-led investigation into

“They are doing a great job,” Trump said, accusing the president and his son Hunter Biden of being “protected” by an “unfair system.”

“It’s a one-sided system, a very unfair system, but they’re being protected,” the former president said.

Referring to the Department of Justice and the Department of Justice, President Trump said, “When you look at all of this criminal activity, like having so many things in your laptop, it’s so vicious, so evil. , they won’t do anything.” Abandoned laptop in a Delaware computer repair shop by Hunter Biden in 2019.

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