Trump ‘Knows that He’s Committed Fraud,’ He Will Pay a Big Number in NYC Case

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.), a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, told CNN’s “Inside Politics” Monday that former President Donald Trump will pay a “huge” price in the New York civil fraud case. He said he believes it will. trial.

“He knows he committed a fraud and he knows this is over and this is just to play in the stands. He knows that no matter what he says… I know that the damages in this lawsuit will have little impact because I fundamentally know that I did what they are accusing me of, which is to inflate my net worth by huge sums. He tried to borrow more money and get better terms from the bankers and financiers he was working with.”

He added: “The biggest pain for him is that he might end up paying a lot of money in this case.Does he have the money to do that? We’ll see if we have the cash to do that,” he added. To do that. Second, he is preparing for his criminal trial in Washington, D.C., on March 4, where he will not be able to access the courtroom as he does now. He must be there every day the court is in session. He said Mark Meadows, 20 feet away from him, a former member of the House Freedom Caucus and his former chief of staff, lied on election night to stop the certification of the election results. I confirmed that I would be watching him testify that he committed a crime. ”

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