Trump Leads Haley by 35 Points in Her Own Backyard

Former President Donald Trump is trailing Nikki Haley, his last remaining opponent in the Republican primary in South Carolina, according to a Fabrizio Lee & Associates poll conducted for Trump-supporting MAGA. He has a 35-point lead over the former governor (Republican, South Carolina). PAC Co., Ltd.

First, a public opinion poll published The Messenger on Tuesday showed Trump with 66 percent support among likely South Carolina Republican primary voters. He’s more than double Haley’s 31 percent.

Regarding Trump’s approval rating, 59% of respondents said they would “definitely” vote for him, while 6% said they would “probably” vote for him. Conversely, 11 percent of poll participants said they “probably” supported Haley, and 24 percent said they “definitely” supported her. The remaining 4 percent of her is undetermined.

When voters learned that former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), who co-chaired a House select committee on Jan. 6, endorsed Haley, her approval rating dropped to 29%. However, Trump’s approval rating remains unchanged. Additionally, the percentage of voters who said they would “definitely” vote for Haley fell from 24% to 21%.

According to Messenger, the poll also measured the influence of anti-Trump ads by Haley’s campaign in South Carolina, with a narrator calling “Biden too old” and Trump “a mess.” “There are too many,” he said.

Of those who saw the ad, 64% said they supported the 45th president, and 33% said they supported Haley.

“Statistically, this difference is the same as the total number of votes cast. This shows that this ad did not influence anyone in South Carolina.” [Republican primary voters] ,” the Fabrizio Lee & Associates memo said.

Additionally, while more than 2 in 3 of all respondents in the poll approve of Haley’s performance as governor, Trump still ranks among those who give her a positive rating (56%). They are leading by 40%.

“Despite positive recognition of her work and millions of attack ads against President Trump, South Carolina Republican primary voters were also swayed by Haley’s feeble attempts to change her mind. “We have not. South Carolina remains President Trump’s land,” the memo concludes.

Trump easily won the first two contests for the Republican nomination in Iowa and New Hampshire, and the field is rapidly expanding as leaders across the Republican Party call for unity behind the 45th president. It froze. Despite this, Haley told NBC News that he continues to press ahead with his campaign. meet the press on sunday she intend Stay until Super Tuesday, March 5th.

Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates sampled 600 people are believed to be voters in the primary election from January 28th to 29th. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.



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