Trump Must Sit in Courthouse Until Jury Reaches Verdict

President Joe Biden’s planned speech following the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s business records trial in New York shows how political and “rigged” it is, Trump 2024 national spokeswoman Carolyn Leavitt said in an interview Wednesday. Breitbart News Daily, He noted that Trump and his team plan to remain in the courtroom until the jury reaches a verdict.

Reports are circulating that Biden plans to deliver a formal address to the nation from the White House after the verdict is announced in the business records trial in New York.

Asked what he thought about the move, Leavitt said it showed “fraud was going on from the start.”

“Joe Biden sent in someone from the Department of Justice, a far-left prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, to indict Trump in this courthouse in Manhattan, because Biden knows this is the only place in America where this show trial can go ahead, this is the only place with the prosecutors, and this is what a show trial is,” Leavitt said.

“The fact that hundreds of media outlets gather outside the courthouse every day, gloating over the words of this sloppy prosecutor and this disgraceful judge, shows what this is all about,” she said, pointing to all the other issues Biden should be taking to the public.

“There are real problems in this country that Joe Biden should be addressing. He should talk about the inflation that is hurting families. He should speak about the border crisis that has allowed terrorists and criminals to get in and taken American lives. But he won’t. He’s going to speak from the White House about the political persecution of his opponent,” she said, concluding that this is “like the Third World banana republics we are seeing.”


“Joe Biden is the weakest, worst president, most corrupt president in history. That’s what I have to say,” she added, noting that the judge ruled that Trump must remain in court until the jury’s verdict is complete.

“They want to keep President Trump in the courtroom. They don’t want him going out to rallies or campaigning,” she added.

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