Trump Stomps Biden in 5 Crucial Swing States Per NY Times Polling

former president donald trump tops Joe Biden cheated in five of six key battleground states, according to far-left poll new york times.

Let’s talk numbers…

Nevada – Trump +11

  • Trump: 52%
  • Biden: 41%

Arizona – Trump +5

  • Trump: 49%
  • Biden: 44%

Pennsylvania – Trump +4

  • Trump 48%
  • Biden: 44%

Georgia – Trump +6

  • Trump: 49%
  • Biden: 43%

Michigan – Trump +5

  • Trump: 48%
  • Biden: 43%

Wisconsin – Hunter’s Dad +2

  • Trump: 45%
  • Biden: 47%

The left-wing profiteers and warmongers of NeverTrump are already panicking.

Biden won all five of those states in 2020 (allegedly), so normally I would be pretty skeptical of an 11-point lead in a blue-hued state like Nevada. But given that Nevada (and Arizona) are border states and Biden is opening the southern border to millions of unchecked illegal aliens from the third world; I’m not very skeptical about these results.

This poll, along with other polls that showed President Trump doing better against Biden this year than he did so far in 2020, shows that Biden’s un-American attempt to put President Trump in jail It shows that it failed and even backfired.

‘Do you think Biden can do it?’ Trump signs gather during farm visit in Iowa

Margo Martin from Storyful

“One year before the 2024 election, Biden trails Donald J. Trump in five of the six most important battleground states. write DNYUZ. Biden is “struggling with deep questions about his age and deep dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy and many other issues.”[.]”

When it comes to age, only 19% of Trump supporters and 39% of all those surveyed said the 77-year-old Trump is too old to be president.


An overwhelming 71% of voters say the 80-year-old Biden is too old, including 54% (!) of Biden’s own stupid supporters. Almost two-thirds, 62 percent, say (accurately) that Biden lacks the “mental acuity” to be an effective head of state.

Mr. Trump leads Mr. Biden by double digits on certain issues that generally drive presidential elections.

McCarthy School Reporter: ‘Biden destroyed America’, there was ‘victory after victory’ under Trump

speaker kevin mccarthy

Trump leads Hunter’s father by 22(!) points — 59 to 37 percent — on who can better manage the economy. Trump is +12 over Biden on immigration, and the same goes for national security. Voters have +11 confidence in President Trump regarding his handling of the current Israeli conflict.

On national security, men chose Trump by a nearly 30-point margin (62 to 33 percent). Among women, Biden’s increase was only 1 percentage point, between 47% and 46%.

to as a problem Personality…

Today, voters seem less repulsed by Trump’s personality and bombastic rhetoric that for years helped hold together a fractious Democratic coalition. Just 46% of voters said Mr. Biden has the right temperament to be president, slightly more than the 43% who said the same about Mr. Trump.

These polls feel important because 1) Biden (allegedly) won all five of these states in 2020, and 2) the same polling organization (new york times/Siena) Trump never defeated Biden in these states in 2020.

In Arizona, new york times/ Siena poll shows Trump trailing From 3pm to 9pm Key points of 2020.

In Michigan, new york times/ Trump similarly trailed in the Siena poll. as 11 points In 2020.

In Pennsylvania, new york times/ Siena poll shows Trump trailing From 6:00 to 10:00 Key points of 2020.

In Georgia, new york times/ Siena poll reveals Trump and Biden tied In 2020.

In Nevada, new york times/ Siena poll shows Trump trailing 6 points In 2020.

new york times Pollster Nate Cohn looks pretty nervous this morning.

“Polls show that Biden has suffered significant damage, but there is still a path for Democrats to win,” Cohn said. tweeted Sunday morning. “In summary, if Biden can reinvigorate these people, it’s easy to see this race changing,” Cohn said. add. “There’s no reason this is ‘predictable.’ But I think this sample is ‘representative,’ and Biden’s challenge is very real and very serious.”

If these polls prove to be “predictive,” Trump is in landslide territory.

We have a long way to go, and that’s not out of character for the far left. times They will fabricate these polls to try to force Biden to change course in his decision to seek re-election. But just about every pollster shows President Trump polling favorably against Biden in a possible 2024 rematch…and warmongers like Bill Kristol in ill-fitting suits It’s certainly fun to watch them sweat.

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