Trump swaps ‘Sleepy Joe’ for ‘Crooked Joe’ in echo of 2016

Former President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he would drop the nickname “Crooked Hillary” and apply it to President Biden instead.

Trump, 76, said at a rally in New Hampshire, “I will do away with the name ‘Crooked’ from Hillary Clinton. I will give her a new name. I don’t know if it’s ‘nice Hillary’ or ‘beautiful Hillary.’ No, but we will do away with the name “Crooked” so we can use Joe Biden’s name. “Crooked Joe” Biden.

Trump told a Manchester audience that the 80-year-old Biden “only cares about enriching his family,” adding, “You’ll wonder why he doesn’t do anything about China.” Because we got millions of dollars from China.”

Amar Musa, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, rejected the new nickname, claiming Trump had his own “shady” foreign business dealings.

“Donald Trump and his family used his presidency to make billions of dollars in B from shady deals with foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia,” Musa said. . “Donald Trump may come up with a lot of nicknames for President Biden, but we have a better one. It’s a winner.”

Trump lost to Biden in 2020 after giving his rival the derisive nickname of “Sleepy Joe.”

This election cycle, Trump has put more creativity into insulting his biggest Republican rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump also attacked another potential Republican rival, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, on Thursday, saying, “Sloppy Chris Christie has a big mouth and that’s it.”

Donald Trump said he would change Joe Biden’s name to ‘Crooked Joe’.
New York Post’s Mark Peterson

donald trump
Trump recently insulted Republican rivals Chris Christie and Ron DeSantis.
New York Post’s Mark Peterson

New Hampshire Trump supporter.
Trump hopes to recapture the zeitgeist of his successful 2016 campaign.
New York Post’s Mark Peterson

Trump drowned a string of rivals in 2016 with ridicule — tearing up “lying Ted” Cruz and “Little Marco” Rubio when Republican senators challenged him for the Republican nomination, leading to the general election. branded Clinton, an enemy of the

“Hillary would think she’s very happy today,” Trump said Thursday.

“I think she will — she’s celebrating somewhere, because no one in the history of American politics has been more crooked or dishonest than Joe Biden. The press reports it.” Absolutely refuses to … frankly, they are as crooked as him.”

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