Trump Trounces Biden in Head-to-Head Matchup

Former President Donald Trump has an overwhelming lead over President Biden in a head-to-head matchup, according to a survey by McLaughlin & Associates.

investigation Asked Respondents asked, “If the 2024 presidential election were held today, how would you best describe how you would vote in the presidential election between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden?” Which of the following do you have? Who would you vote for? “Vote? “

In the head-to-head race, Mr. Trump leads Mr. Biden by 6 points, with 49% of the votes cast compared to 43% for the 81-year-old Mr. Biden. Thirty-seven percent of Trump’s 49% said they would “definitely” support him, and 31% of Biden’s 43% said they would “definitely” support him. His remaining 9% of the total is still undecided, more than enough to swing the reins in either direction.

Trump has slightly more support from Democrats than Biden (88% to 83%), but Trump has a clear lead among independents, with Biden at 47%. It is 36%.

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speaker kevin mccarthy

The survey also found that most respondents, 69%, said Trump was the best person to defeat Biden in 2024, while 29% said “someone else.” This represents a net increase of 29 points since January, when 52% chose Trump and 41% chose someone else.

The survey was conducted between November 16 and 20, 2023, targeting 1,000 people likely to be eligible for the general election.

The trend continues to be in President Trump’s favor, with him ahead of Biden in national polls. include According to a survey in November economist/YouGov beats Trump by 1 point.

Similarly, an Emerson College study released in November Indicated Mr. Trump leads Mr. Biden by 4 points, and a recent NBC poll showed Mr. Trump leading Mr. Biden for the first time in survey history. boast There are two advantages.

The findings come as President Trump calls on Biden to take a cognitive test, just as he has just done: “Open borders, lack of energy independence, woke military, High inflation, no voter ID, you can judge why he wants men playing in society’ women’s sports, electric cars and trucks only, weaponized Justice Department/FBI, and lots of other crazy stuff !!!”



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