Trump Wasting Time in NYC While Biden Winning over Battleground States

Gov. Kathy Hockle, a New York Democrat, said Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump is wasting his time in New York, which is “solidly supporting Joe Biden,” while Biden is “failing to win the remaining battleground states.”

“Donald Trump, former President Trump, will be holding an event in the Bronx soon to attract voters of color, Latino and African-American voters. Historically, African-Americans in particular have been a loyal voting base for the Democratic Party, but the truth is, this is sport and marginal politics. What more does the Democratic Party need to do to consolidate and mobilize its base?” host Jake Tapper said.

“I’m telling you, Jake, having Donald Trump as the ringleader inviting his clowns to places like the Bronx is not going to change anything,” Hawkle said. “New York will never support Donald Trump for president. We know him better than anyone, and we know that he’s only looking out for his own interests. So this state will continue to firmly support Joe Biden for president, just as it has always done.”

She added, “So he wants to spend his time having these fake rallies that he makes up and pretends that he’s supporting Donald Trump. Go ahead, go ahead. While you’re doing that, Joe Biden is on the other side, serving all the American people. So go ahead and spend all the time you want in New York, because we’re with Joe Biden, and Joe Biden is out to win the remaining battleground states.”

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