Tucker Carlson: ‘God would have to yell at me very loud’ to be Trump running mate

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn't completely rule out running as former President Trump's running mate when asked at an event this week.

“God is going to have to yell at me,” Carlson said in a speech at the American Principles Project Foundation's annual Christmas gala, according to Semaphore News Agency.

One of the dinner attendees asked Mr. Carlson: Recent Axios Reports Former first lady Melania Trump has suggested that her husband, a leading candidate for the Republican nomination, consider choosing Carlson as his running mate.

“I don't really know her,” Carlson said. “It's kind of hard to imagine going from being a well-paid street corner schizophrenic to being a politician.”

Carlson was taken off the air by Fox in April, an action that reportedly infuriated Trump. Trump was interviewed by the host on the night of the first Republican debate on the new show on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

President Trump said last month that he would consider Carlson as a running mate because he “has great common sense.”

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