Tucker Carlson releases second episode of Twitter show

Tucker Carlson Posted After dropping a hugely successful first episode on Tuesday, the second episode of his new Twitter show aired on Thursday.

“Keep taboos!” Tweet Contains a new video of Carlson declared.

In the new episode, Carlson said American society is “ruled by taboos” and that those taboos are changing, but not naturally. “What we are allowed to dislike is being ordered from above, sometimes by force,” he says.

He added that while it used to be taboo to target people based on their race, it is now illegal to punish individuals based on their skin color “if the victim: It said the conditions were “compulsory” in business, government and higher education. White. “

Infidelity was once a serious responsibility considered a “disqualification” in politics, but now it’s not, he argued. Carlson claimed that not only was “Barack Obama weird,” but he had a “very creepy personal life.”

“One by one, faster and faster, our old taboos have been broken down. The remaining taboos have lost moral power. , smoking marijuana in the streets, shamelessly public hypocrisy, and taking other people’s money, Carlson said, “all of this isn’t working” and was previously considered “unacceptable in the United States.” “not anymore.”

Carlson said child sexual abuse is now “on the edge of what is acceptable”.

“Don’t let them rationally dismiss your intuitive morality. Hold on to taboos as if your life depends on them. Because that’s what they really are.” Treasure and protect them like heirlooms, that’s what they are,” he said.

So far, the tweet containing the video has garnered more than 15 million views.

of Tweet The show, which includes the first episode of Carlson’s show, has amassed over 108 million views.

Axios reported that after Carlson posted the first episode of the new show on Twitter, Fox News told Carlson’s lawyers that he had breached his contract. The media said Fox News is considering possible legal action against the media person due to alleged breach of contract.

Carlson’s attorney, Brian Friedman, said in a statement: “Fox defends its very existence on the basis of free speech. They now believe that Tucker Carlson can share his thoughts on current affairs on social media. Because of this sharing, we want to remove the right to speak freely from Mr Tucker Carlson,” the statement said.according to Axios.

Carlson’s decision to drop episode two shows he’s still undaunted.

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